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Guitar Resources

General Guitar Resources

  • Timeline throughout history of musical styles & Guitar History - Learn the history of the guitar as we know it today from a timeline by a longstanding shop and appraiser in Guilford, CT, starting all the way back in ancient Mesopotamia in 3000 BC to modern day.
  • History of the Guitar - Go a bit more in-depth on guitar history with this explainer from Paul Guy that highlights the guitar's many precursors. The primer includes many interesting historical photos.
  • A-Z Guitar History - Learning a new instrument also means learning a lot of new lingo. Even seasoned practitioners may come across terms they haven't heard before. Reference this comprehensive dictionary of guitar terms whenever you come across something new.
  • Acoustic Guitar Care, History & Tips by: Yamaha - The Yamaha website features handy guides for learning about the structure, history, manufacture, and upkeep of the classical, acoustic, and electric guitar.

Guitar Chords Chart Resources

  • Guitar Cords for Beginners - If you are new to chords, read this article and watch the video first to learn how to read a guitar chord chart.
  • Guitar Cord Charts for Beginners - 8 Notes is a resource for sheet music for schools and individuals. They also provide some handy free resources, such as this interactive chord chart that allows you to select a root and see and hear every chord associated with it.
  • Guitar Cordbook and Tuner for Beginners - This resource provides an interactive fretboard, where you can toggle every setting you can think of and begin to understand how to build chords and the theory behind them. The site also offers a similar tool for scales, a tuner, and videos or writeups on basic technique and music theory concepts so you can apply the chords you have just learned.
  • Ready to take on Fretboard Finger Placement? - This site has free online exercises in the fretboard section to help you identify chords by finger placement, as well as exercises for scales, intervals, and general notes.
  • Chord Chart Education with Tips on Getting Started - Popular online lesson site GuitarTricks has an organized, easy-to-follow chord chart. It's free to use for everyone and a great resource if you want to quickly look up and hear a chord and its fingering variations.
  • Chord Voicings - This chord finder is a handy little tool that finds all the possible voicings of a given chord. The program tries to account for anatomy of the hand and reachable frets, but not every voicing may be playable. You can opt for an alternate tuning, and a newer Javascript version is also available.

Guitar Scales Chart Resources

  • Guitar Scales - For those that are just starting out with familiarizing themselves with guitar scales, this is a short and sweet introduction to the six most common scales that is easy to read.
  • Guitar Scales for Lead Guitar - This site offers free and paid live online lessons, but this article on lead guitar scales is thorough and straightforward with fret pictures, descriptions, and videos for each scale type.
  • Learn Guitar Scales & Theory Behind them - Guitarist and teacher Mike Beatham walks you through guitar scales in a systematic way so you can meaningfully connect the information you are learning to the music you are playing so you have the skills to be creative and apply them to your own creations. There are walkthroughs and explanations for all of the major and minor scales and more, as well as exercises and user question section with detailed answers available for everyone to peruse.
  • Scales for Next Level Performance - When you start to get more serious about your playing, eventually you will want to start learning scales. Though it may seem like a beginner exercise, it is actually a great way to practice your technique and theory. This comprehensive article includes everything you ever wanted to know about guitar scales and why they are important. It also includes some quality infographics.
  • All Guitar Chords-Scale Practice - This interactive tool lets you explore guitar scales by choosing a root note and a scale. It also categorizes scales not just by the common Western ones versus rarely used ones, but it also includes popular scales from around the globe.

Guitar Tuning Resources

  • Learn to Tune your Guitar with Fender - Available for iOS and Android, Fender's free app offers both an auto mode for ease and a manual tuner for those who are training their ear. The tuner provides visual feedback with exact cents and hertz reference. Along with 22 free tuning options, the app also includes drum beats, a metronome, and thousands of chords and scales.
  • Jam Play Guitar Tuner and Bass Tuner - Jamplay has a very accessible chromatic tuner that automatically detects the note that you are playing and displays it for you. This means that as long as you know the notes for a given scale, you can use this tuner for it. This is great, straightforward tuner for many players.
  • ProGuitar Online Guitar Tuner - The ProGuitar Tuner lets you tweak your pitch using a needle display, digital display , a note wheel depending on preference, or you can select each string manually and hear the notes to practice your ear training. There are dozens of different presets available, so you can experiment with different and rare tunings. There is even an app if you prefer to use your smartphone.
  • GuitarTuna's Easy Online Guitar Tuner - GuitarTuna offers a very simple online guitar tuner for standard tuning, but if you need other features or tunings, you can get those on the mobile app. The tool automatically detects which string is being played, lets you know if the string is too high or low, and gives you an audio cue when you match the right pitch. It also offers an option to tune by ear.
  • How to tune your guitar made simple! - The Tune-O-Matic is the best choice for those who want a manual guitar tuner for tuning by ear because it plays long notes that you can set to repeat as many times as you want. It offers a huge number of alternate tunings, in addition, to a custom mode, which allows you to manually assign any note to any string. You are also not just limited to the standard 6-string guitar - it can support anything between 4 and 12 strings, as well as different guitar sounds, such as distorted electric or bass guitar.
  • Gieson Online Guitar Tuner with Interactive Interface for ear training - This is another online guitar tuner with an intuitive, interactive interface that is good for ear training. There are over 50 alternate tunings available with different guitars or the option to just use a sine wave tone. The tool lets you automatically advance to next string or repeat the same one or use your keyboard for commands, and there is a delay knob to adjust how quickly tones repeat.

Guitar Blues Resources

  • The history of acoustic guitar blues from Guitarist - This article from Guitarist, the longest-running guitar magazine in the UK, walks readers through a detailed history and timeline of acoustic blues guitar from the late 19th century to modern day.
  • Youtube's History of the Blues - This one is for the aural learners out there. Take an audio tour of 50 of the most important blues riffs played one after the other to really understand the evolution of the blues throughout the last 100 years. As a fun bonus, the artist tries to match the historical video and audio quality for the time period of each piece.
  • Guitar Lesson by Guitarist Darrell Braun - Guitarist Darrell Braun leads the viewer through three of the most essential blues guitar licks (though they are not just for the blues!) in this video tutorial. He teaches how to play them and explain why they are essential. Printouts are available on his Etsy store.

Country Guitar Resources

  • Country Style Guitar Lessons - Devin of Country Guitar Online offers comprehensive video lessons in guitar for country and bluegrass styles. Become a member to get access to all of the courses and content the site has to offer, or if you are not ready to commit, you can browse his free lesson offerings or try one month free. The site includes a message board where players can request new lesson types from Devin to be included on the site.
  • Guitar Lesson's Three Tips for Lead Guitar with Nate Savage - offer this easy-to-follow lesson with Nate Savage, where he shows learners some ways to take some of the basic rock scales for lead guitar and make them sound more country. In addition to the video and written explanation, the lesson includes sheet music and a jam track so players can experiment with applying the example licks to real music. This is the perfect lesson for the newer player who wants to apply knowledge they already have to a new genre.

Guitar Podcasts

  • No Guitar is Safe Podcast hosted by Jude Gold - No Guitar is Safe is hosted by Jude Gold, the editor of Guitar Player magazine. Every episode features a conversational interview with one of the best professional guitarists in the world from every genre. Gold does his homework, referencing moments in interviewee's songs, and he often gets artists to jam with him on the podcast.
  • 60 Cycle Hum Podcast hosted by Ryan Burke and Steve Rowe - On 60 Cycle Hum, the hosts discuss topics relevant to the guitar gear industry. Friends and former bandmates Ryan Burke and Steve Rowe explore everything from strange Craigslist gear ads to audience-submitted topics to album reviews, with the occasional guest thrown in here and there.
  • Chasing Tone Podcast - Chasing Tone is one of the older gear podcasts. The podcast covers topics fo players of any level, including new gear, tips for players and pedal lovers, feature interviews with well-known players, the business side of the guitar industry from a business standpoint, and more. Listeners will find this podcast both educational and fun.
  • The Fingerstyle Guitar Hangout with Adam Rafferty - The Fingerstyle Guitar Hangout with Adam Rafferty is a great podcast for players who want to learn tricks of the trade and improve their playing with an informed practice routine. Rafferty offer tips, techniques, and insights from himself and professional guitarists, as well as answering listener-submitted questions.
  • Rig Rundowns Podcast - Rig Rundowns from Premier Guitar is for the guitarist who always wants to know exactly what other guitarists are using to set up their rigs. Episodes cover entire setups for famous players, from who built their amps and pedals and how long they've had them to the way their pickups are wired.
  • The Fretboard Journal Guitar Podcast - Another quality interview model, The Fretboard Journal Guitar Podcast features both builders and players, with lots of interesting insights into gear and playing technique.
  • Guitar Theory Podcast hosted by Desi Serna - Despite the name, Guitar Music Theory goes far beyond music theory, with fun lessons and Q&A episodes. Host Desi Serna walks listeners through tricky chords and techniques and breaks down classic riffs into tone, timing, and styling.
  • Guitar Nerds Podcast - Listening to The Guitar Nerds feels like hanging out with your favorite obsessed friends. The hosts are a group of UK-based friends who started podcasting out of the guitar store where they all worked. It’s a great option for catching up on the latest guitar and gear news from the past week.
  • The Tone Mobs Podcast Channel - The Tone Mob was started in 2015 as a weekly interview podcast that covers a wide range of people and topics. Show host Blake Wyland talks with musicians and industry professionals and builders. While guitars and gear are the focus, the heart of the show is the people and their stories, both professional and personal.
  • The Fret Files Podcast Hosted by Eric Daw - The Fret Files features 25-year guitar repair veteran Eric Daw and his wife Melissa discussing and answering questions about guitar craft and general luthier knowledge. He specializes in recreating vintage guitars, and you will learn a thing or two about guitar tech from his vast body of knowledge and the experienced guests he has on the show.

Other Resources

  • Artists Works Online Guitar Lessons - ArtistWorks offers interactive online lessons from master guitarists in styles ranging from bluegrass to jazz. Unlike other online learning platforms, aside from a massive core lesson library that will take players from beginning to advanced techniques, members can submit practice videos and get personal video responses from their teacher. These videos are also made available for other students to view and learn from, replicating both a private lesson and a group classroom experience.
  • JustinGuitar Online Music Lessons - JustinGuitar is a musician with decades of experience teaching and touring on his guitar. His well-structured website offers tons of free, easy-to-follow lessons, and there are also apps and tools like metronomes and an ear trainer available, as well as books and paid premium content for those who really want to go in-depth. The website has everything from tips and techniques to practice guides, for the beginner through the expert player.
  • Guitar Lessons Online For Free - This is another excellent resource for free guitar lessons. The tutorials are not structured as cleanly as the courses on JustinGuitar, but the free offerings are highly extensive if you want a different perspective.
  • Ultimate Guitar's Online Courses - Ultimate Guitar Tabs is a highly popular user-submitted tablature site with over a million submissions. The community has a five-star rating system for all of the tabs that are submitted, so look for the tabs that have a solid five-star rating with a high number of votes for the most accuracy, or look in the top rated section. If you are looking for a song, you will most likely find it here.
  • The International Music Score Library Project - The International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) is a library with the goal to gather all public domain and free-to-the-public music scores in one place. The site is well-organized, and there are new contributions daily. The IMSLP also facilitates the exchange of musical ideas and analysis, so there are discussion sections for public discourse.
  • Music Note's Online Digital Sheets - While there are countless sites online where users can submit guitar tabs for any song you can think of, these sources are not always the most accurate. Here you can purchase guitar tablature books or single downloadable digital tab sheet music in both tab and sheet music format. You can preview the first page of the tablature notation to see how it looks.
  • Music Transcription by - My Sheet Music is a music transcription service with a team of 25 musicians, professional music transcribers, arrangers, and composers. You can submit any audio piece, and the team will score the music for you in a printable format. This is a great resource for hard-to-find works.
  • Accousterr's Online Composer - If you are creating your own compositions, Acousterr is an indispensable site. Its tab maker lets you create monospace tablature easily with automatic formatting and the ability to play your tabs after. A useful tool, the line-break, allows simply press enter to have all tabs from that point enter into a new section.
  • Drumbit's Drum Machine - If you are jamming on your own with no rhythm section to accompany you, you may want to utilize a drum machine for backing. Rather than having to download drum tracks, Drumbit gives you the flexibility to create your own beats. It is a free online drum machine the can be used on your computer or mobile to craft a custom, looping drum track with a range of sounds to play along with.
  • ChordChord's Cord Improviser - For players who are exercising their creative muscles, this cool web app generates interesting chord progressions for you at random. You can play with a range of settings and improvise along with your new custom backing track. It is also a good tool for beginners to use when learning how chord progressions work and what sounds good together.
  • Wikiloops Free Backing Tracks - WikiLoops is a site where you can download various backing tracks and loops created by other users. The backing tracks are not song specific, and you can easily search for the perfect fit by genre, time signature, tempo, and key.
  • GuitarTricks Free Online Guitar Lessons - This membership-based lesson site offers a varied, downloadable step-by-step curriculum for beginners and experienced players alike. With your membership, you get access to features like a guitar tuner, a chord chart, guitar scale finder, an online metronome, a guitar glossary, and a tablature guide to help you learn how to read guitar tabs, and you can purchase one-on-one lessons for an additional fee if you need a little extra help with a technique. The site also includes an extensive song library with tutorials on how to break each song down and play it.
  • JamPlay Online Guitar Lessons - Another membership-based model, this all-levels site offers more genre-specific lessons than GuitarTricks. There is also an active forum for each lesson, and videos are downloadable by paying an extra fee. In addition to pre-recorded lessons, live workshops are offered weekly.
  • Truefire's Online Track Mixer - TrueFire’s In The Jam gives you the experience of playing with a "real" band virtually. Each edition includes 10 multi-track video jams organized into separate video and audio tracks for each of the instruments, which lets you control each band member individually. Every track includes a lead sheet chart that shows chord changes and the general structure of the music.
  • LickLibrary Online Guitar Lesson's - This is a good lesson site for the experienced player, as they offer a wider range of more advanced and technical material than some other sites. You can purchase their membership or buy one-off lessons, as well as DVDs and CDs.
  • Equipboard Artist Inspired Recommendations - Looking to invest on some new gear and wondering what kind of guitars, amplifiers, effect pedals, and other gear your favorite guitarists use? This community-driven site lets users upload images, videos, descriptions of the gear that well-known guitarists use. The database is quite extensive, and members check each other's submissions to help keep info accurate.
  • Guitar Pro's Online Music Editor - GuitarPro is an excellent guitar tablature editing and playback software. It is a great tool for composing or for learning your favorite songs. Guitar Pro also has built in tools, such as a metronome, tuner, and scale/chord finder.
  • Everything Guitar at - Originally a print magazine, Guitar World is an online publication featuring original articles, as well as content from Guitarist, Total Guitar, Guitar Techniques, and Bass Player. The magazine covers all the breaking news in the guitar world and interviews with both upcoming and well-known artists. Other content includes reviews of the latest guitars and gear, buying guides, and technique advice.
  • Step By Step Guitar at - Guitareo doesn't bother with the fancy stuff - it is geared entirely towards people at the very beginning of their guitar journey. It has a clear interface, guided curriculums, and a gamified system that keeps new players engaged when they are first starting out. Its bite-sized lesson are good for absorbing a little at a time without getting overwhelmed.
  • Famous Guitar Riffs with Alex Chadwick - Alex Chadwick takes you through a journey of 100 famous rock guitar riffs in one sitting, giving you a chronological history of rock n' roll. An interactive song sheet accompanies the video and plays in time with the music, and viewers can toggle the speed, layout, and transposition.
  • Lessons by Bobby Crispy on Youtube - Bobby Crispy is a popular YouTube teacher who provides tutorial videos for songs and solos by well-known rock artists. There are also lessons on scales, technique, chords, and the basics, for those just getting started or who need a refresher.
  • Learn to Play Live with Jammr - Jammr is a neat tool that allows musicians to play with others from anywhere in the world. Unlike Skype or Zoom, where jammers would likely experience a lag, Jammr uses an interval-based jamming system, so players can play live but do not have to worry about syncing in real-time.
  • Guitar or Bass Lessons with Theory - This site stands apart from other lesson sites in that it really delves into music theory and how it relates to guitar. It is not the prettiest site, but it gives a good foundation into guitar theory for even more advanced players and will help guitarists who want to make their own music.
  • Online Guitar Blog from The Gear Page - The Gear Page is a massive online community, marketplace, and forum for players to discuss anything under the sun about guitars and associated gear. If you have an obscure question about your instrument, this may very well be the place to get the answer you are looking for.
  • (site says not secure) - Although Essential Guitar doesn't seem to have changed its look much since it was first published in 1995, it remains one of the best organized resources on the web about guitar theory. The 13 pages follow a logical progression and explains guitar theory as applicable in the real world. The article on learning the fretboard is particularly valuable and well-written.
  • Online Guitar Lessons by Guitar Chalk - Bobby Kittleberger is a regular columnist for popular magazine Guitar World. His online magazine, started in 2012, is an excellent resource for quality, in-depth gear reviews by professional, well-versed musicians.
  • Vintage Guitar & Bass - This site is for the collectors and enthusiasts out there. Vintage Guitar and Bass has detailed on both the rarest and popular vintage guitars dating as far back as the 1950s. There are no direct sales through the site, but viewers can see posts about interesting pieces on sale elsewhere.
  • Learn Everything from Guitar Care to Lessons with Guitar Repair Bench - Owning a guitar requires maintenance. This site gathers the best information on how to care for, repair, and even build your own guitar if you are mechanically inclined.
  • Search for your Favorite Tabs with Songsterr - Search the database of over 500,000 popular song tabs from user submissions. The unique feature of this tablature site is that you can play the music in real time while the screen scrolls through tab, so you can get a feel for the tempo. Premium features allow you to control the speed and make printouts.
  • Free Guitar Lessons with Guitar Habits - Klaus Crow has been running Guitarhabits since 2009 and still actively uploads posts often. The blog is a resource not only for lessons, theory, and exercises – it also offers tips on practice habits, performing, ways to keep motivated, and even a category called “lifestyle design,” which includes advice on how things like meditation can benefit musicians. There is a section of the most popular posts, as well, for easy browsing.
  • Jazz Bizz with Jazzadvice - Jazz Advice is targeted toward more advanced players who are ready for more technical theory concepts, but it's not just for jazz players! Guitarists who focus on other genres will find a lot of worth here too and can learn a lot about improvisation and ear training and applying jazz elements to their music. There are many free offerings, but there is also a paid premium version with bonus content.
  • Musician Advice and Blog by DIY Musician - DIY Musician is a blog mainly for musicians who are concentrating on performing and marketing their own music. It contains a lot of great material about band advice, songwriting, performing, vocal tips, and more. Updates are frequent, and they even offer a music distribution service for artists who want to get serious.
  • Guitar Lessons by Matt Warnock at - Matt Warnock Guitar is full of great info and lessons designed specifically for jazz guitar, as opposed to jazz in general or how it applies to other instruments. He is very accomplished and has studied a lot, so he has a lot of very effective practice advice and great exercises to offer, breaking down complex jazz chords into more digestible pieces.
  • Guitar Magazines - is the online companion to popular magazine, Guitar. This is the place to go for for all things guitar. Stay current with the latest in guitar news, peruse the numerous reviews and buyer's guide to decide on a purchase, get playing tips, and browse through thousands of interviews, collections, and opinion pieces to get inspired.
  • Guitarkadia on Youtube - Guitarkadia produces high quality film interviews from great guitarists on a variety of subjects. The website went dark in recent years, but interviews are still available to watch on YouTube, and there are plans to start back up with new content in 2022.
  • Vintage Guitar Advice with Michael Robinson - Collector Michael Robinson shares his knowledge and expertise on rare and vintage guitars on this site. There is a shop on the site for users to browse and purchase interesting pieces. Robinson even dabbles in building replicas of vintage pieces.
  • Fachords for Students Ready to take the Next Step in learning Guitar - A software engineer and guitar teacher built this site as a study support for his students. Most content is available for free to the community. The site offers step-by-step tutorials, ebooks for download, and interactive learning software, including many games.
  • Get Instant Cords to any Song with Chordify - Chordify features a simple interface with easy-to-read chord diagrams that update as the song plays in a YouTube video in real-time, so that you can play along. This is great if you don't know a song that well and want to get a feel for the rhythm and tempo. Subscribe to open up access to even more tools to change the tempo, volume, and pitch of the song.
  • Need a cord to your favorite song? Chordie will find it! - Chordie is a tab and chord site where you can search by the song name, artist, lyrics, or chords you want to play. The search function pulls charts from tabs hosted on other websites, and there's only one version of each song, so you don't need to guess which one is best to play. The site also allows you to transpose to a different key, adjust the chords based on your capo placement, and auto-scroll while you play along.
  • Open source cross platform Audio Software with Audacity - Although this is not guitar-specific, Audacity, an open source multi-track audio editor and recorder that works on most standard operating systems, is an indispensable tool for any guitar player trying to produce their own tracks solo or with a band. With Audacity, users can record live audio and computer playback, convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs, edit sound files, mix sounds, and add effects to tracks. Users can even write their own plug-in effects.
  • Interactive Circle of Fifths for Music Theory - For those working on solidifying their understanding of music theory, this interactive circle of fifths tool is not only useful for learning key signatures, scales, and modes. It is perfect for figuring out the key of a piece, transposing music to a different key, or even composing your own pieces. It can be downloaded for offline use, as well.
  • Free Metronone! - Every musician needs a metronome! This one is easy to use and lets you change various settings, including time signature, tempo, beat accents, and note subdivision.
  • FretFlip online Fret Editor and Creator - #fretflip is a great resource for learners, but it is especially useful as a tool for guitar teachers. Users can create and share their own chord and scale charts and tutorials that can be easily accessed by others. It is great for interactive use in class or as a learning aid for screensharing during online lessons.
  • Guitar Tab Creator - This tab creator tool lets you write your own tabs and automatically formats them for easy editing. You can adjust all sorts of features, and there is a editor for beginners and advanced users. The site includes an in-depth tutorial for those just getting started.
  • Create, Teach, Share and Purchase Music with NoteFlight - Noteflight is a great site where you can create, share, teach, buy, and sell written music. The application is full-featured with the ability to edit, display, and play back music notation in your browser. The site maintains an online library of musical scores that anyone can publish, link to, or embed.
  • The Fretboard for UK's Best and Busiest Online Community - The Fretboard, a forum based out of the UK, is a very active community, where you can find discussions on gear, reviews, playing advice, and classifieds. Come here to connect with fellow guitarists and to crowdsource answers to all your burning guitar questions.
  • Pedal Haven Guitar Pedals - This is your resource for all things pedals! Check out Pedal Haven for reviews, buyer's guides, and DIY and mods for building your own unique sound.
  • Reverb Online Store for Musical Instruments - Reverb is an online marketplace where guitarists can buy and sell from each other. The site is built specifically for selling musical gear, and the selling guide and pricing history data helps you choose the best asking price. Gear experts are available to help you make a sale or purchase if you have questions.
  • Gibson Guitar App - The Gibson app is built around a feature called Audio Augmented Reality, a program that responds to you interactively as you play along to lessons and exercises. Tabs from popular artists are available and adjustable to your skill level. Players also get a free one-on-one video consultation with a professional Gibson guitar tech for guidance on tune-up and maintenance tasks.
  • Fender Play Online Guitar Lessons - Fender Play was developed under the guidance of educational advisers from Thornton School of Music at University of Southern California and Musicians Institute in Hollywood, so you know it is a quality learning tool. The app contains hundreds of lessons and guides with a micro-learning strategy to keep you engaged. Based on responses to your intake form, you receive a customized personal learning path.
  • Learn Guitar and Piano with Yousician - Yousician is a great learning app for beginner and intermediate players that offers step-by-step video tutorials and over 1,500 missions and exercises. The app provides instant feedback on your performance and is free to download. A premium subscription will let you play as much as you want.
  • Guitar Soloing and Improvisation - Many musicians struggle with improvisational skills when they finally feel confident enough to start playing their own music or jamming with a band. This site and e-book walks you through how to improvise on the guitar, with exercises to develop your technique.
  • Guitar Girl Magazine - Guitar Girl Magazine is your hub for current industry news, interviews, gear and album reviews, and tips and advice - but the focus is on female guitarists.
  • LeftyFretz for Left Handed Guitar - Like most things in this world, standard guitars are generally designed with right-handed people in mind. LeftyFretz aims to change the righty bias by offering tons of resources and articles on left-handed gear, playing tips, inspiration, and more!
  • Classical Guitar Corner for structured curriculum - This site specializes in a training program for those who wish to learn guitar in the classical style. The coaches are classically trained and highly accomplished, and the course starts at the fundamentals and progresses all the way towards advanced technique. Expect to cover theory, technique, musicianship, sight-reading, repertoire, and ensemble playing.
  • Heartwood Guitar Chord Instructions - Rob of Heartwood Guitar Instruction teaches in-person classes in the Seattle area, as well as providing an online course. But where his website really shines is the chord charts. His library includes over 600 popular tunes, with detailed, advanced notation and strumming patterns for many.
  • Applied Guitar for Guitar Cords for Beginners - Applied Guitar Theory is a resource for learning guitar theory through real world application. Articles cover a wide range of topics, with plenty of opportunities to master the fretboard through real musical examples and exercises.
  • Amplitube on Ikmultimedia for Amp simulation - AmpliTube allows you to use any device to process, play, and record your guitar on the move. It also offers an extensive library of realistic virtual versions of guitars, pedals, and other gear that would normally be much more expensive to purchase in real life. The app is highly intuitive for creating custom rigs within the program.
  • Metronome app - This handy metronome app is a favorite among players. Loaded with features, the app is simple to use and does the one thing it is supposed to do very well and with precision. Users can change time signature and subdivision, accent beats, choose from over 20 sounds, save and reload previous rhythms, and even use it as a training tool for one's inner clock with settings that incrementally increase the tempo or periodically mute the beat.
  • Guitar Blog on Guitar Song Masters - Guitar Song Masters is a blog is for those who want to go beyond the conventional techniques you learn in most courses. The blog features tutorials, lessons, and other musing on topics that are not usually a focus on the usual guitar sites. Check the site out for unique guitar customizations and mods.
  • Transcribe+ App - Transcribe+, available on the Apple App store, lets you isolate or remove instrument tracks from your favorite songs via machine learning. Play along with any song you have via download or Apple Music and create a practice loop. You can also adjust the speed or pitch and can view the waveform to parse through the track one note at a time if you want and add your own custom notes.
  • Guitar Lessons with Tom Hess - Tom Hess does not only offers solid lessons for electric guitar. He also provides mentoring and advice for those who want a career in music and for players who want to learn to teach.
  • Jazz Guitar Lessons - Dirk Laukens of Jazz Guitar Online is a great resource for all things jazz guitar, even if you are just starting out. The site offers lessons, courses, ebooks, and a section for learning and transcribing licks. He also breaks down the gear you need to get the jazz sound you want, the site houses an active forum.
  • Moosiko Online Platform for Schools and Students - Moosiko provides self-guided guitar lessons for both individuals and school settings. This tool is like Rosetta Stone. Rather than relying on traditional practice technique and learning methods, Moosiko gets players engaged quickly by teaching you all the necessary steps to play your favorite song quickly.