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Black Sabbath T-Shirts

Black Sabbath was formed in Birmingham, England. Tony Lommi formed the band in 1968 with Geezer Butler, Bill Ward, and Ozzy Osborne. Black Sabbath is a heavy metal rock band. Black Sabbath was originally called Polka Tulk Blues Band, then the name was shortened to Poka Tulk, then Earth, then finally Black Sabbath. The name Earth had to be changed, because another English group already had the name Earth. A theater was showing a horror movie across from where the band was rehearsing, and Ozzy and Geezer was writing a song called “Black Sabbath”, which led to the name.

The band had a vision of a black silhouette figure, which led the band to change their name to Black Sabbath in 1969. Black Sabbath’s first show with their new name was on August 30, 1969. Their first album debuted in 1971 in the United States, and sold over four million copies. The album was called “Paranoid”, and was named The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time by Rolling Stone Magazine.

All of the members of Black Sabbath was doing drugs and abusing alcohol when they returned to California from their world tour at the end of 1978. In 1979, Ozzy Osborne, the lead singer was fired from Black Sabbath, because he refused to sing the songs that the band presented to him. Ronnie James Dio replaced Ozzy in June of 1979, and Geezer left the band in September for personal reasons, then returned in January, but quit the band again in August of 1980.

Black Sabbath’s reunion with the original band members occurred in 1997. The reunion show released the live album, “Reunion” in 1998. The album was a success and went platinum in the United States. The song, “Iron Man” won the band their first Grammy, and the song was produced thirty years prior.

Black Sabbath is scheduled to release an album this year, and a final tour is planned. Black Sabbath has been named as one of the top ten heavy metal bands ever, and the band has sold nearly one hundred million records around the world. The Black Sabbath US Tour 78 T-shirt is a collector’s item for fans. The Black Sabbath tee shirt features the gas mask man with the US Tour ’78 featured under the image, and Black Sabbath on the top of the tee shirt.

The Black Sabbath Red Flames T-Shirt has the original Black Sabbath members on the front of the t-shirt. Ozzy Osborne, Bill Ward, Geezer Butler, and Tony Lommi is featured on red flames. The B and S emblem letters and logo is featured on the top of the t-shirt.

The all-time favorite Black Sabbath T-shirt is the Black Sabbath Logo t-shirt. The logo is in purple on top of a black cotton. This is the perfect tee shirt for any Black Sabbath fan. If you plan on attending the Black Sabbath final tour, then wearing one of the Black Sabbath t-shirts is a must. Own a piece of history with the iconic Black Sabbath t-shirts. has Black Sabbath Shirts | Music Tee Shirts with great prices make this a great time to stock up on vintage inspired tee shirt designs from Old School Tees.