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National Lampoon Vacation T-Shirts

The National Lampoon Vacation movie is one of the funniest movies in the eighties. The Griswold’s are going to Walley World. Walley World is claimed to be “American’s Favorite Family Fun Park”. The Griswold’s live in Chicago, so the family, Clark (Chevy Chase), Ellen (Beverly D’Angelo), Rusty (Anthony Michael Hall), and Aubrey (Dana Barron) are heading to Los Angeles for their family vacation, but by car.

Clark orders his new car, which is a station wagon. Can you remember the station wagon? It had the wood paneling on the outside of the wagon. It was hilarious looking. Clark and the family run into a few problems on the way. While in East St. Louis, vandals tag the car, then they are stopping in Kansas City to visit Ellen’s cousin, Catherine and Eddie. Eddie is the crazy cousin who likes to drink. They pawn off Edna on the Griswold’s. They have to drop Edna off in Tucson, but she doesn’t make it, because she dies in her sleep. It’s so funny when the family finds Edna dead, because Clark is on a strict schedule, and he insists on leaving Aunt Edna’s body in the son’s backyard. Along the way Clark forgets to untie Dinky the dog from the bumper, which kills the dog.

While driving, Clark encounters a young, beautiful woman who is driving a red Ferrari. Clark is flirting with the driver while driving. When the family finally reaches Walley World they find out the park is closed due to repairs. Clark starts losing it. He kidnaps the security guard, who is John Candy, then makes him take his family on rides through the park. The National Lampoon’s Vacation is funny from start to finish.

The song that is played in the movie is, “Holiday Road”. Anytime you hear that song today it takes you back to watching the movie. Kids of all ages love the movie. You and your family can not only enjoy the movie, but enjoy it with your very own National Lampoon’s Vacation T-Shirts. The National Lampoon’s Vacation Walley World tee shirt or the Griswold Family Vacation t-shirt are favorites by fans.

National Lampoon’s Vacation didn’t stop with this movie. Sequels that followed was Vegas Vacation, European Vacation, and national Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The same cast appeared in the movies, so the Griswold’s adventures continued. The National Lampoon’s t-shirt that features Griswold Family Christmas comes in green and red, and has the famous Christmas tree on top of the car, just like in the movie. Another favorite National Lampoon’s tee shirt from the Christmas sequel is the Sh!itter was Full that represents Cousin Eddie’s RV. Remember when he pumped the septic into the sewer drain at the Griswold’s home? It caused a major blow-up and fire! And, well you can remember what happened after the explosion.