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Sublime T-Shirts

Sublime was a punk and reggae rock band that formed in Long Beach, California in 1988. The original band’s line-up included Bradley Nowell, Bud Gaugh, Lou Dog, and Eric Wilson. Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh grew up together and were great friends. The two joined together with Bradley Nowell and created a band called The Juice Bros when they were in high school.

On July 4th, 1988, Sublime played its first performance in a small club. The group played parties and small clubs throughout California. The group started recorded a few song and demos. Sublime started gaining a large following throughout California. The band released 40oz. to Freedom in 1992. The album was released under Nowell’s label, which was called Skunk Records. In 1994, the band signed to Gasoline Alley of MCA Records. The band started touring on the Vans Warped Tour in 1995. Gaugh was arrested several times during this tour for possessing marijuana, and the band was asked to leave the tour for a week, because of the drug use, and Nowell’s dog bit a member of the audience.

In February of 1996, Sublime headed the SnoCore Tour, and started recording their third album. On May 25, 1996 Novell died of a heroin overdose in San Francisco, California. The album was a major hit and success, and has went platinum five times. The band had sold over seventeen million albums worldwide as of 2009. The surviving members of the band decided to reform the band in 2009, but couldn’t use the name Sublime. Nowell had owned all rights to the Sublime name. The remaining survivors would have to get permission from the Nowell estate. The two joined together with Rome Ramirez, and now performs together as Sublime with Rome. They released their debut album on July 12, 2011, which was called Yours Truly. The Sublime with Rome only stayed together five months after the release of their debut album, because Gaugh announced that he was departing from the band.

Fun Fact:

Why do most of the Sublime t-shirt remind us of tattoos? The answer is Opie Ortiz. Opie Ortiz is a tattoo artist from Long Beach, California. Ortiz is responsible for the “Sublime” tattoo on Brad's Nowell’s back, which was on the cover of Sublime's platinum, self-titled, album. He is also responsible for the Burning sun graphic that was on the cover of the bands box set and many of the t-shirts.

Sublime was a landmark reggae punk hybrid band. Sublime fans can celebrate the band while wearing a Sublime t-shirt. The Sublime tee shirts features the famous sun logo. One of the favorite Sublime tee shirts has the famous sun logo, the band’s name and Long Beach on the t-shirt, where the band was originated.

If you are a fan of Sublime, then you can wear one of the band’s Sublime tee shirts when you are going to your favorite club, concert or just hanging out.