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Rocky T-Shirts for Men and Women

Rocky is one of the most successful film series of all time. The movies are based upon Rocky Balboa, who is an uneducated boxer. Rocky is played by Sylvester Stallone. The movie was released on December 3, 1976, and was written by Sylvester Stallone. Rocky has love, dreams, and ambition all combined together. The movie had a small budget of around one million dollars. Rocky was shot in under thirty days, and was a major hit. Rocky earned over two hundred million dollars, and was ranked as the highest grossing film for that year.

Rocky was a boxer for small events, and also did collections for Anthony Gazzo, who was a loan hark. Rocky lived in Philadelphia in the bad part of town. Rocky gets offered to fight against the heavyweight boxing champion Apollo Creed, because the fighter he was supposed to fight had to drop out. Apollo Creed thought it would be great publicity if he gave a local fighter a shot at his title, and he choose Rocky because of Rocky’s nickname, “The Italian Stallion”.

Rocky accepts the challenge and starts to train with Mickey Goldmill. Mickey was an ex-champion and owned the gym that Rocky trained at. Mickey always told Rocky he had the heart, but Mickey had hard training in store for Rocky. Rocky has a friend called Paulie. Paulie worked at a meat packing plant, and Rocky would go to the meat packing plant to practice his punches on the frozen carcasses. Rocky started dating Adrian, who was Paulie’s sister. Adrian was very shy, quiet, and reserved. The two start getting very close to one another, and this made Paulie jealous.

The big championship fight was scheduled for New Year’s Day. Apollo Creed didn’t train hard, because he didn’t think Rocky could stand a chance against him. When the fight started Rocky hits Apollo hard in the first round, and knocks Apollo down, which really makes him mad and embarrassed. The two go at it intensely throwing punches. The two fighters sustained intense injuries. The fight lasted fifteen rounds.

The famous Rocky yell, “Adrian” is when the fight is over and Rocky is in bad shape. He calls out to Adrian as the fight was awarded to Apollo Creed. Rocky didn’t care about the win as he just wanted Adrian.

Rocky was such a big success and hit that there was five sequels to come. Sylvester Stallone played Rocky in each movie. The famous Rocky running scene up the step was done at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Rocky is a movie that is a classic. Each sequel was great. The Rocky Classic T-Shirt features Rocky, aka The Italian Stallion raising his arms with the Rocky logo. The Rocky Mickey T-Shirt features Mickey the trainer saying, “You’re a Bum!” which he always said to Rocky is a must have for any Rocky fan.

A true Rocky fan has to have the Rocky Italian Stallion T-Shirt that features the Italian Stallion logo. Rocky fans love wearing the Rocky tee shirts. Each one of the Rocky t-shirts takes you back to one of the Rocky movies. Wear your very own Rocky t-shirt any place with pride. has Rocky Tee Shirts and a large selection of vintage styled movie t-shirts. With great prices this is the time to stock up on more great Movie tee shirts from Old School Tees. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions about ordering our t-shirts.