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Aerosmith T-Shirts

Aerosmith is a rock band that was formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1970. Aerosmith’s members include Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Steven Tyler, Ray Tabano, and Joey Kramer. Aerosmith has been called, “The Bad Boys from Boston”, due to their antics. In 1972, Aerosmith signed with Columbia Records, and released their first album, “Aerosmith” a year later. Aerosmith was a rock and roll band that added a blues sound to give the band a distinctive sound. A second album, “Get Your Wings” was released in 1974, and sold over three million copies. The band’s third album was released in 1975 and was called, “Toys in the Attic”. This album featured the song, “Sweet Emotion”, which became Aerosmith’s first top forty hit. The album also had “Dream On” and “Walk This Way”, which both songs hit the top ten charts.

Aerosmith was on fire, and released “Rocks” in 1976. This album featured “Back in the Saddle”, and “Last Child”, which sky rocketed on the Billboard charts. A year later, Aerosmith returned to the studio to record and release, “Draw the Line”, which sold over two million copies. The Aerosmith band was living in the fast lane, and started to abuse drugs. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry was nicknamed “The Toxic Twins” due to their drug abuse. Steven Tyler left Aerosmith in 1979, because he and Joe Perry had gotten into an argument. Jimmy Crespo took over the position, and Aerosmith released, “Night in the Ruts” album that didn’t do as well as the previous albums. In 1980, Aerosmith released, “Greatest Hits”, which became Aerosmith’s best-selling album. In 1986, the band members entered a drug rehab where all the members got clean. The band reformed and released, “Permanent Vacation” in 1987. This album featured, “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)”, “Angel”, and “Rag Doll”, which all reached the top twenty on the Billboard charts. Aerosmith signed a thirty million contract with Columbia Records in 1991, and released, “Get a Grip”, “Nine Lives”, and “Big Ones” albums. Aerosmith continues to tour. In 2014, Aerosmith announced their North American Tour that features Slash.

The Aerosmith logo was designed by guitarist Raymond Tabano. The wings on the logo was debuted on the “Get Your Wings” album in 1974. The Aerosmith logos one of the most recognized band logos.

Aerosmith fans can wear the Aerosmith Logo T-Shirt that features the bands logo. The Aerosmith Logo tee shirt comes in a rainbow color that is cool and retro. The Aerosmith T-shirt features the classic and iconic winged logo that former band member and guitarist Raymond Tabano designed for the band is on the Aerosmith tee shirt. This Aerosmith t-shirt is the perfect tee shirt to wear to one of the Aerosmith concerts that they have planned for 2015. Show up in style and in true Aerosmith gear when you arrive wearing an Aerosmith T-shirt with the classic logo of the band. Aerosmith T-shirts can be worn by any rock fan or Boston native. You can show your loyalty to Aerosmith by wearing their tee shirts. has Aerosmith T-Shirts | Classic Rock Tee Shirts with great prices making this a great time to stock up on vintage inspired tee shirt designs from Old School Tees.