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The Walking Dead T-Shirts

The Walking Dead is a horror and drama series that was based upon the comic book. Frank Darabont developed the television series. The Walking Dead premiered on October 31, 2010 on the American Movie Classics television channel. The Walking Dead is based upon a group of survivors who survive a zombie apocalypse. The first season is located in Atlanta, Georgia, then the following episodes is based around Georgia. The group of survivors are searching for a safe haven against the zombies, or better known as the ‘walkers’ and ‘biters’. The show is based upon the group trying to survive in a crazy world full of zombies.

The Walking Dead was such a hit that it aired for five seasons, and currently still airing on AMC. There are four soundtracks that have been released for The Walking Dead. The first soundtrack was released on March 17, 2013. The fourth season and last soundtrack was released on August 26, 2014 and is called, “Songs of Survival, Volume 2”. Each of the zombies that is in The Walking Dead has to go through the ‘zombie school’. The ‘zombie school’ teaches them how to walk like a zombie. For the zombie makeup, Gregory Nicotero is the producer of the zombie makeup. There are three different zombie levels of makeup. The Hero, Deep Background, and Midground level. The hero zombies have makeup from the top of their heads to their feet while the Midground zombies only have their face done, and the Deep Background zombies usually just wear masks, and don’t require any makeup done, because they are barely seen in the show.

The Walking Dead was nominated for the Best Television Series Drama at the Golden Globes Awards. The Walking Dead T-shirts are the best way to watch your favorite horror television show. The Michonne Zombie Heads The Walking Dead T-Shirt features Michonne in his shrouded hood along with two zombies in chains. This Walking Dead tee shirt is a licensed AMC Walking Dead tee shirt that fans want to have. The amc logo is located next to the Walking Dead name on the t-shirt.

The Shaun of the Dead Zombie Survival T-Shirt features the Zombie Attack Survival Kit that has all the needed items to survive a zombie attack. The Shaun of the Dead Zombie Walking Dead tee shirt is the perfect shirt for any Walking Dead fan. You can show the world that you are indeed ready for a zombie attack when you are wearing your very own Zombie Survival Tee shirt.

The Zombie We are going to eat you! T-Shirt features a zombie on the front of the tee shirt, and ‘I’m going to eat you’ in red, blood lettering, then on the back of the tee shirt it says, “The Dead Are Among Us!” Letting you know that there is a zombie in your mist. The Zombie Walking Dead T-shirt is the perfect t-shirt for any Walking Dead fan or zombie fan. Wear your shirt each week when the Walking Dead is airing on AMC.