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Anchorman T-Shirts for Men and Women has Anchorman Tee Shirts and a large selection of vintage styled movie t-shirts. With great prices this is the time to stock up on more great Movie tee shirts from Old School Tees. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions about ordering our t-shirts.

The Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is a comedy that was released in 2004. The movie is based around a San Diego TV station in the seventies. Anchorman was a huge hit, as it made twenty eight million in just the first week. Anchorman has major stars in the movie, which include Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy the famous anchorman, David Koechner as Champ Kind the sportscaster, Steve Carrell as Brick Tamland the chief meteorologist, Paul Rudd as Brian Fantana the lead field reporter, Fred Willard as Ed Harken the station director, and Christina Applegate as Veronica Corningstone as the up and coming female anchor.

Ron Burgundy and the guys find out that the TV station has been forced to hire Veronica Corningstone, but Ron Burgundy and the team had just celebrated being the highest ranked network at a party. At the party Ron tried to pick up Veronica, but failed. Each guy tries to pick up Veronica, and watching them all get shot down is priceless.

Finally, Veronica agrees to have a relationship with Ron, but it’s supposed to be secret, but when Ron announces on live television was great. The two rival on being the head anchor. Veronica sneaks into the station one night and changes the teleprompter, because Ron reads whatever is on the teleprompter. Ron’s closing statement was always, “You stay classy, San Diego”, was switched. She had Ron saying, “Go f**k yourself, San Diego”! This lead to Ron being unemployed and Veronica being famous.

Who can’t forget when Ron took Veronica on a date at the club and restaurant where he was asked to do his ‘jazz flute’? Ron was just wanting to impress Veronica, and he did. The end of the movie where Ron saved Veronica, and the two reconciles.

The clothes that the cast wear looks so funny, but this was the type of clothes that was being wore in the seventies. Ron Burgundy’s famous line to Veronica was, “I’m kind of a big deal” still gets laughs when anyone says it. We can’t forget that Ron Burgundy is the ‘sex panther’. Anchorman is a movie that is full of comedy and laughs. In 2013, the sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Fans get to see what Ron Burgundy and the gang are doing now. The same cast came together to do the sequel.

Anchorman fans can show their loyalty to the show by wearing one of the many Anchorman T-shirts. The jazz flute Anchorman tee shirt features Ron Burgundy playing his flute, and of course Ron Burgundy fans have to have the, “I’m kind of a big deal” Anchorman t-shirt. The whole cast is featured on the Anchorman poster t-shirt. Now that the sequel has been released, fans can have an Anchorman movie night, and invite friends over to watch both movies. You can host the party wearing one of the Anchorman T-Shirts. You can have trivia about the movie, and give an Anchorman tee shirt as a prize. What fan wouldn’t want the Anchorman T-shirts?