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Vintage Sports Shirts

Represent your team with old school styles – check out our massive selection of retro sports t-shirts from licensed leagues, including NBA, MLB, and NFL. Whether you pick a style featuring the Lakers in the Magic days or you’re representing The Bus in Pittsburgh, our vintage sports t-shirts let you show off your team pride in style. All of our t-shirts are officially licensed and printed on high quality, vintage style t-shirts for a great fit and long-lasting construction. Vintage sports shirts and everything else at when your order is over $50 you'll have money left over for tickets to the big game!

Every man and women has their favorite sports team. Boxing, baseball, basketball, and wresting sports t-shirts are the best way to show your off your team pride. There are so many varieties of sports tee shirts that you can have a sports t-shirt for every sporting event that you watch or attend.

For boxing fans the Mahammad Ali T-shirt is the greatest tee shirt to wear for any boxing event or just to show you are a true fan of boxing. Mahammad Ali was born Cassius Clay, and won the World Heavyweight Championship in 1964. He changed his name to Mahammad Ali when he joined the Nation of Islam in 1975. Mahammad Ali was nicknamed, “The Greatest”. The Mahammad Ali 1965 Poster T-Shirt features Mahammad Ali on the front of the tee shirt with his famous phrase, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. The boxing t-shirt is a replica poster of the 1965 Mahammad Ali fight. The Mahammad Ali Victory in the Ring T-Shirt features Ali defeating Sonny Liston when Ali knocked Liston out in the first round. The perfect boxing and sports tee shirt for any fan.

Baseball fans will want to wear the original, licensed Pete Rose Records T-shirt that features Pete Rose and his leading hits ever that is on the front of the tee shirt. The Pete Rose T-shirt also has Pete Rose’s signature under his name, which is a collectible tee shirt for any MLB fans.

Wrestling fans can show their love of this sport by wearing a wrestling tee shirt. The Andre the Giant T-Shirt features the great and late Andre the Giant on the front of the tee shirt showing his strength. Another great Andre the Giant t-shirt is the Body Slammed by Andre the Giant T-Shirt that says, “I Got Body Slammed by Andre the Giant”, and Andre body slamming someone. Any of the wrestling tee shirts are great for the wrestling fans.

Basketball fans can show their teams pride and loyalty by wearing these sports t-shirts. The Boston Celtics T-shirts, Atlanta Hawks t-shirts, Chicago Bulls T-Shirts, and Los Angeles Lakers T-shirts are great NBA Sports T-shirts that feature the team and their logo. The NBA t-shirts are great any time of the year, especially basketball season. NFL fans can show the world what team they are rooting for when you wear one of the NFL T-Shirts. The Jacksonville Jaguars NFL T-Shirts, New York Giants t-shirts, Denver Broncos T-shirts or the Detroit Lions T-shirts are just a few of the popular NFL tee shirts that fans are sporting around town. NFL fans are very loyal to their team, and you can show where your loyalty lies when you wear your NFL t-shirts.

One thing about the sports t-shirts is they can be worn anywhere. The sports T-shirts features the city and name of the sports team along with their logo, and if you get a sports championship tee shirt, then you can show off that your team is a champion winner. Wear your sports tee shirt with pride!