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Hulk T-Shirts

The Incredible Hulk is based on the character, the Hulk from the Marvel Comics. The Incredible Hulk television series starred Lou Ferrigno who played Hulk, and Bill Bixby who played David Banner. The series premiered on November 4, 1977 and eighty two episodes was aired.

David Banner was a scientists who experienced stress, because of the death of his wife. David Banner tries to use gamma radiation to give him incredible strength, but he gives himself too much gamma radiation, and he thinks that the test failed. The test didn’t fail, because when David Banner gets angry he turns into the Incredible Hulk. The Incredible Hulk is a seven foot tall. He is three hundred and thirty pounds. His skin is completely green, and he has amazing superhuman strength and powers. His hair is wild looking, and his clothes are shredded. Can you remember when David Banner would start to turn into The Incredible Hulk? The ends of the jeans would be strands of materials, and the shirt would just tear into shreds. The Incredible Hulk wouldn’t have on shoes, and his eyes were piercing. He was scary looking, but you knew he was going to save the day.

Since the inception of the Incredible Hulk series, there has been three television movies, and one film. Fans were sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for The Hulk to appear in the series. The Hulk was able to break through brick walls, lift cars alone, and defeat a group of men. The Incredible Hulk T-Shirts are excellent additions for the Incredible Hulk fans. The Incredible Hulk tee shirts that fans must have is the green Incredible Hulk tee shirt that features the Hulk’s image on the front, and Hulk Comic above the image, then the Smash 2nd addition added. This is a Marvel Comic tee shirt that is not only a collector’s item, but a must have for comic fans and Hulk fans. The All Night Ranger Incredible Hulk t-shirt features the Hulk flexing his muscles partying. The Hulk is about to hurl the famous mirrored disco ball. This Incredible Hulk T-shirt can be worn while watching the television series, movies, reading the famous comics, or just at the nightclub or local pub.

The Incredible Hulk is an iconic Marvel Comic hero that has fans of all ages. Younger audiences love the Hulk, because they anticipate the Hulk coming to save the day for David Banner. The Death of the Incredible Hulk premiered in 1990. The Hulk ends up taking a fall from an airplane, which reverts him to human form before he dies. Though the Hulk dies in the movie, he can still live on with fans. Fans can keep the Hulk alive and strong when they wear one of the famous The Incredible Hulk T-Shirts that feature the green superhero on the front of the tee shirt. The Incredible Hulk t-shirts are the perfect gift for anyone at any age. Wear your Incredible Hulk tee shirt proudly, anytime.