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Nature Themed Tees

Old School Tees is proud to offer these Environmentally Themed Tees. Our hope is that they will start conversations on what we can all do to help preserve the planet earth. These tees are super soft and comfortable and come with tips printed on the inside that will remind the wearer on how to conserve resources.

Our Environmental T-Shirts

Environmental T-shirts allow you to let the world know you care about preserving the planet. One of the environmental t-shirts that states you are a fan of wind power is the Wind Power Tee Hugger T-Shirt. The Wind Power Tee Hunger tee shirt features a windmill along with Wind Power and “I’m a big fan” underneath. 

Protect the planet by keeping it clean. The Pitch In Tee T-shirt has the “Pitch In” in green lettering along with an individual throwing trash into the trashcan. Wearing the Pitch In tee shirt may encourage others to throw their trash away in the correct location instead of littering our planet.

Endangered animals need a voice, and you can be that voice just by wearing the Extension is Forever T-Shirt. The Extension is Forever tee shirt features an endangered panda with the ‘Extension is Forever’ message in bold, black letters. The shirt is made from organic cotton, and is one way to spread the news about endangered animals. The Stayin’ Alive T-shirt is another favorite endangered animal shirt that features a panda, brown bear, and eagle featured on the front. These animals need you to be their voice, and you can do it by wearing one of the endangered animal’s tee shirts.

Peace is something we all want. The Peace for the Planet T-Shirt features the peace sign across the world along with Peace for the Planet in white lettering. This friendly message will say all you need to say to get people thinking about our planet and peace. This is the perfect tee shirt for any occasion.

You can spread the alternative energy message by wearing the Alternative Energy T-shirt. The Alternative Energy tee shirt features a girl riding a bike instead of driving. Going green is easy when you choose to ride your bike instead of driving.

You can do your part in saving the planet with one of the environmental tee shirts. All of the environmental t-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton. The tee shirts are soft and comfortable, and each message makes a big statement. When you purchase one of the environmental T-shirts you plant a tree. We make a donation to the American Forests for every tee shirt sold in this category. By planting one tree, you can provide enough oxygen for two people. Just think of what you can do if you buy several of the environmental t-shirts.

Start a simple conversation when you choose one of the environmental tee shirts. You will be surprised what one message can do and impact the individuals who read the message on the t-shirt. The Peace for the Planet T-shirt, Extinction is Forever T-shirt or the No Thank You tee shirt are excellent choices and popular tee shirts that says a lot with just few words. Show you care about the environment with one of the environmental t-shirts today.

With great prices you can't go wrong. Learn more about us or contact us today with any questions about ordering your environmentally themed t-shirt! .