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Voltron T-Shirt

Voltron is an animated television series that aired on September 10, 1984, and ran until November 18, 1985. Voltron was created by Peter Keefe and John Teichmann. The series was an instant hit. The first season of Voltron featured a team of five pilots who commanded five lions who were robots. The robot lions could form Voltron. The Voltron Force was in charge of protecting the planet Arus. Arus was ruled by Princess Allura. The evil King Zarkon was from planet Doom, and his son, Lotor and Haggar the witch created Robeasts that terrorized the citizens of Arus. The second season had the Voltron team of fifteen members. The fifteen members were divided into groups of five. The groups of five were known as Land, Sea and Air Teams. The fifteen vehicles could combine together to form the mighty Voltron. Voltron Characters:

• Lance (Isamu Kurogane) – Michael Bell (voiced)

• Pidge (Hiroshi Suzuishi) – Neil Ross (voiced)

• Sven (Takashi Shirogane) – Michael Bell (voiced)

• Princess Alurra – Ashleigh Ball (voiced)

• Hunk (Tsuyoshi Seidou) – Lennie Weinrib (voiced)

• Daniel – Vincent Tong (voiced)

• Vince – Doron Bell Jr. (voiced)

• Larmina – Shannon Chan-Kent (voiced)

• Jeff (Aki Manabu) – Neil Ross (voiced)

• Rocky (Kai Shinobu) – Lennie Weinrib (voiced)

• Ginger (Patty Ellington) – B.J. Ward

• Camander Krik – Michael Bell (voiced)

• Lisa (Haruka Kaga) – Michael Bell (voiced)

• Commander Cliff (Walter Jack) – Lennie Weinrib (voiced)

• Manset – Gary Chalk (voiced)

• Coran – Peter Cullen (voiced)

• Commander Hawkins – Peter Cullen (voiced)

• Captain Newley – Lennie Weinrib (voiced)

There was 124 episodes of Voltron, and a one hour movie special. In 1984, six inch figures were introduced of the Voltron robots. Action figures, board games, video games, and Voltron t-shirts were offered to the fans. The Voltron T-shirts shows Voltron defending the universe. Voltron fans love the action that is featured on the Voltron tee shirts, and is why the t-shirts are the number one seller for fans.

In 2011, Dynamic Entertainment announced that they were preparing to publish Voltron comics. The head writer for the comics are Jacob Chabot and Dario Brizuela. The comics will feature the Voltron Force. Fans can purchase the Voltron comics today. If you are a faithful, diehard fan, then you will want to wear one of the Voltron t-shirts that show the Voltron’s protecting the universe or maybe a Voltron lions t-shirt. A perfect gift for any fan.