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Holy Shirt Batman! Look at these great tees!

New styles and Vintage Batman Tees

Batman is one of the most successful and active comics in history. Created in 1939 by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and published by DC Comics, the Caped Crusader has appeared in comics, serial films, a TV series, and 8 movies. Batman is the only super hero who does not have a super power. He uses his intellect, martial arts skills, powers of deduction, and considerable will to make the world a better place. We LOVE batman, and are proud to offer Batman tee shirts for fans everywhere!

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Batman is a superhero character who appeared in the DC Comics, and television series. Batman first appeared in the comics in 1939. Batman is based upon Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is secretly Batman. He is an American philanthropist and billionaire. Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents being murdered when he was a child, and from that moment he swore revenge on all criminals.

Batman operates in Gotham City. Batman’s crime fighting partner is Robin. Batman doesn’t have any superpowers. He is intelligent in science and technology, has martial art skills, detective skills, and has one goal to continue his war on crime.

Batman’s costume consists of a long scalloped black cape, a skintight gray body suit, gloves, boots, outwear briefs, and a yellow utility belt. Batman always wears a mask that conceals his face. The mask is bat-like with ears. On the chest of Batman’s suit is an oval yellow circle with a black bat in the center.

Batman drove the Batmobile. The Batmobile was a two-seater. The engine was turbocharged, with bulletproof panels and chasses. The Batmobile came with special gadgets and features, which included a direct hotline to police headquarters, a traveling crime lab, a distinguishing Bat-tector, static bond tires, and Whirly-bats. The Batcave was the secret headquarters for Batman and Robin. It was located beneath his mansion.

We all remember Batman and Robin fighting crime. The Batman song would be playing when Batman was in a fierce battle. The audience would see “Pow”, “Bam”, and then Batman would prevail. And, who can forget Batman’s famous saying, “Come on Robin, to the Bat Cave! There’s not a moment to lose”. Robin would always say one of his famous catch phrases like, “Holy demolition, Batman”. The two crime fighters were amazing! The show was a more realistic than some of the other superhero shows, because Batman was an actual person, just disguised.

Joker was one supervillain that Batman was always in combat with. Joker had a clown-like appearance, and Joker was everything that Batman was against. The two rivals went head to head on many occasions.

Batman was so popular in the comics that a television series aired, cartoons, and several movies. Batman fans can support their superhero by wearing one of the many Batman T-shirts. One of the favorite Batman t-shirts is the logo shirt. The iconic yellow with the black bat in the center. When anyone sees the logo they instantly think of the great superhero Batman. The classic Batman tee shirt that features Batman from the comics is a must have for comic fans. Batman and Robin fans can proudly wear the ‘This is How I Roll’ Batman T-shirt that features Batman and Robin jumping into the famous Batmobile, and off to save the day!

Batman was introduced in 1939, so there are fans of all ages. Get your grandparents, parents, and kids together and everyone wear their favorite Batman tee shirts together, and watch the Batman series or movies together. There is nothing better when families come together and enjoy something in common, like wearing Batman T-Shirts.

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