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Back to the Future T-Shirts for Men and Women has Back to the Future Tee Shirts and a large selection of vintage styled movie t-shirts. With great prices this is the time to stock up on more great Movie tee shirts from Old School Tees. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions about ordering our t-shirts.

The Back to the Future movie that was released on July 3, 1985. The Back to the Future was a comedy, romantic, science fiction film that every watcher could somehow relate to. The characters included Marty McFly who was played by Michael J. Fox, Dr. Emmet “Doc” Brown, who was played by Christopher Lloyd, Jennifer who was played by Claudia Wells, Lorraine who was played by Lea Thompson, George McFly who was played as Crispin Glover, Biff was played by Thomas Wilson.

Marty McFly was an aspiring musician. He dated Jennifer. The scene was set in Hill Valley, California. Marty’s dad was George McFly. George was bullied by his boss, Biff, and Lorraine, his mother became an alcoholic who always reminisced about her past, and how she met George at the high school, and how her dad hit George with his car.

Marty was friends with Doc. Doc asked Marty to meet him at the shopping mall’s parking lot. Doc created a time machine that he built using a DeLorean sports car. The famous ‘flux capacitor’ is what powers the DeLorean into time travel, but the Doc stole plutonium that the ‘flux capacitor’ needs to operate. To get the car to time travel it has to reach 88 mph. The Doc puts in an example date of November 5, 1955, and before you know it a van of Libyans appear and Marty jumps into the DeLorean and in transported back in time.

Remember when Marty encounters his dad as a teenager? Or when his mom as a teenager has a crush on Marty. Marty soon realizes that ensure his own existence in the future by making sure his parents meet. Marty can change the future by doing small things. Marty can make sure that his dad isn’t bullied by his boss Biff.

The Back to the Future keeps you on your seat cheering on Marty. You want Marty to make it back in time and to keep his existence intact, but to do this Marty has to make sure his parents kiss for the first time. The Back to the Future is funny, action packed, and romantic. Michael J. Fox is great in the movie.

Two sequels followed Back to the Future, which include Back to the Future Part II and III. Back to the Future may be an older movie now, but it never loses its appeal. You can show that you are a fan of the movie by wearing your very own Back to the Future T-Shirt. The Back to the Future tee shirts feature the Delorean with the lighting stripes and the Back to the Future name across the tee shirts. Another fan favorite is the Back to the Future t-shirt that has the ‘Flux Capacitor’ on the front. This shirt comes in blue and white.

Get your copy of the Back to the Future movie out and invite your friends and family over for movie night, then come out to watch the movie with one of the popular Back to the Future T-Shirts.