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South Park T-shirts

Are you a fan of crude and biting humor? You need a South Park T-shirt! South Park proved that popular animation is not just for children -- it is for adults that want to act and laugh like children! Trey Parker and Matt Stone created South Park for mature audiences, and South Park became famous for its crude language, and for lampooning a wide range of topics. has a great selection of South Park Tees for true fans of this three-time Emmy winning TV show. With great prices and free shipping on orders over $50 , it’s time to stock up on South Park shirts and other great TV Show t-shirt and cartoon t-shirts from Old School Tees. Learn more about us or contact us today with any questions about ordering your .

South Park was created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker for the Comedy Central Network. South Park is an adult animated sitcom that is famous for its dark humor and crude language. The series is based upon four boys and their wild adventures in their Colorado town. South Park debuted in August 1997. The show was such a success that it earned the highest rankings for any cable show. South Park ran for seventeen seasons, and there was 247 episodes.

South Park Cast

• Stan Marsh – Stan Marsh lives at 2001 Bonanza Street in South Park. He lives with his parents, Randy and Sharon. Stan’s sister Shelley likes to bully him, and she lives there too along with his grandfather Marvin. Stan wears the blue hat.

• Kyle Broflovski – Kyle Broflovski lives in South Park, Colorado. He is one of the few Jewish children in South Park. Kyle lives with his parents, Gerald, who is a lawyer, and Sheila who is a housewife. Kyle wears the green hat.

• Eric Cartman – Eric Cartman lives in South Park with his single mother, Liane. Eric is considered to be the most popular character on the show. He is the heavier character that wears the teal hat.

• Kenny McCormick – Kenny McCormick lives in South Park with his impoverished family. His father is an unemployed alcoholic, and his mother washes dishes at the Olive Garden. He is considered the poor kid, and is often teased by Eric for being poor.

South Park follows the lives and adventures of four boys. Each episode comes with a disclaimer that says, “All characters and events in this show-even those based on real people-are entirely fictional.” South Park was the first weekly series that was assigned the TV-MA rating. There is sexual content, violence, and absurd portrayal of celebrities.

The creators of South Park, Parker and Stone are the voices for most of the male characters. In 1999, a full length feature film was released, which was called, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. The film was such a hit that it earned $83 million just in the United States.

South Park merchandise has generated millions of dollars each year. The first year of the show South Park T-shirts generated over $30 million dollars. The South Park collectibles include action figures, plush dolls, video games, and South Park tee shirts. Fans of South Park love having all of the characters on their South Park t-shirts.

South Park is recommended for mature audiences, and Comedy Central and VH1 still show episodes weekly. Fans for South Park want to watch their favorite episode or movie while wearing their South Park t-shirt. Have the whole gang together on the front of the South Park t-shirt and let your friends and family know you are a die-hard fan, despite the controversy that the show gets.