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E.T. T-Shirts

Have you watched Elf so many times you know each line by heart? Are you the best member of your family at Elf trivia? Now is the time to add to your collection of Elf t-shirts! has Elf Tee Shirts and a large selection of vintage styled movie t-shirts. With great prices this is the time to stock up on more great Movie tee shirts from Old School Tees.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial movie was released in 1982. The E.T. movie is based on Elliot, a ten year old boy who finds E.T. A bond of love and friendship forms between the two, and E.T. needs to call and go home. The movie is a must see for everyone.

The movie starts out with Elliot hearing a noise in the shed, then he follows the noise and discovers a strange looking creature, which is E.T. The two are startled by each other. It is hilarious when they both run off screaming after seeing each other. Elliot returns to the forest to find E.T. He lures the alien to his bedroom by using Reese’s Pieces. Elliot places the Reese’s Pieces on the ground, and E.T. picks each one up eating them, and following Elliot home. Elliot hides E.T in his closet.

E.T. starts imitating everything that Elliot does. It is so cute watching this. When Elliot’s brother and sister find out about E.T. the three decide to hide E.T. from their mom. Elliot and E.T. bond so well that Elliot starts to experience psychic connections with E.T. When E.T. drinks beer while Elliot was in school, Elliot starts feeling the effect of the beer. E.T. urges Elliot to make a phone, so he can “phone home”. E.T.’s health is declining fast.

Wasn’t it just funny when E.T. dresses up as a ghost on Halloween? The brothers disguise E.T. as the ghost to get him out of the house without their mom seeing him. They put E.T. on the bike, then take him in the forest where he successfully calls home. It was heartbreaking seeing E.T. dying, then Elliot was also dying, due to the connection. Tears flowed on all watchers of the movie when E.T. gets to go home. E.T. is standing next to the spaceship, then he points to Elliot’s head, and E.T.’s finger is glowing, then E.T. says, “I’ll be right here”. We all knew that E.T. had to go home, because if he stayed on Earth he would just be dissected in a lab, but it still didn’t make you sad to see him leave. Elliot and E.T. were best friends.

One of the best scenes in the movie was Elliot on his bike with E.T. in the basket riding in the air. The moon encircled the two. This was a beautiful moment, and every time you see this image you can’t help but think of E.T. going home.

E.T. is a movie that never goes out of style or gets old. You can watch E.T. a hundred times and enjoy it more and more each time. E.T. fans can now own a piece of E.T. with one of the E.T. T-shirts. The iconic moon scene with Elliot and E.T. riding the bike is one of the popular E.T. tee shirts along with the famous saying, “I’ll Call You” that has E.T. on the front of the E.T. t-shirt. The E.T. tee shirt that has E.T. in a heart is a must have for any E.T. fans. has E.T. Tee Shirts and a large selection of vintage styled movie t-shirts. With great prices this is the time to stock up on more great Movie tee shirts from Old School Tees. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions about ordering our t-shirts.