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Saved By The Bell T-Shirts

Who can’t remember tuning in every Saturday morning to watch Saved by the Bell? Every teenager could relate to one or more of the cast members. The sitcom had the cool hangout at the diner where the cast of six friends would meet and hangout. Saved by the Bell was about a circle of friends dating, breakups, and dances, parties, making good grades, and having a lot of fun together. The show would tackle many problems that teens face daily, so every teen could relate, and is why the show was so popular. Who didn’t know a geek that could make you laugh or a jock who thought they were God’s gift to women? We all did, and is why Saved by the Bell was such a success. Now you can enjoy and remember your favorite television show when you wear your very own Saved by the Bell T-shirts.

Saved by the Bell was first aired on August 20, 1989. The Saved by the Bell cast includes:

• Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) – Popular, handsome guy who was always getting in trouble.

• A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez) – Good looking jock

• Kelly (Tiffani Thiessen) – Popular cheerleader

• Screech (Dustin Diamond) – Funny, entertaining geek

• Jessie (Elizabeth Berkley) – Smart, intelligent and pretty girl who is sensible and a bit of a feminist

• Lisa (Lark Voorhies)– Fashionable and loves to shop

• Mr. Balding (Dennis Haskins) – The principal

Saved by the Bell allowed the watchers to grow up with the cast through high school, then into college. The cast were going through the same problems that you were facing too. That is why the show was so popular, because there was a Screech in every one of us, or a Kelly or Zack. Teenage girls were in love with Zack, Slater, and secretly with Screech. The girls in the show were admired by every teenage girl in America. Everyone rooted for the Bayside Tigers, and you can still do that today when you wear one of the Saved by the Bell Bayside Tiger t-shirts.

Saved by the Bell Fun Facts:

Mark-Paul Gosselaar wasn’t a natural blond. He had to dye his hair before every episode, so it would be that beautiful blond hair. Elizabeth Berkley used nearly a can of hairspray for every episode. The classroom was the same classroom for every episode, but was just rearranged to make it look like a different classroom. There was a lot of dating between all the cast members, as each them at one time dated one another. There was eighty-six episodes, and two television movies made.

No matter what age you are, Saved by the Bell is one of the favorite sitcoms of all times. All of the stars of the show are still doing amazing things with their career today, so what would be better than to wear a Saved by the Bell t-shirt or a Don’t be a Slater Hater shirt if you’re a fan of Mario Lopez. Relive your youth and wear a vintage Old School tee shirt from one of your favorite television shows, but be careful, because your teenagers will want to sport the Saved by the Bell tee shirt too.