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Garfield the comic strip cat and Garfield T-Shirts


Garfield was created by Jim Davis, and is a comic strip. It started publication on June 19, 1978, and was based on the life of a cat named Garfield. The name of the cat, Garfield was named after Jim Davis’s grandfather. Garfield was awarded the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip by the Guinness World Record in 2013. Garfield lives in Muncie, Indiana. Garfield is known for his laziness, overeating, and he hates diets and Monday’s.

The Garfield cartoon specials began to air from 1982 and ran through 1991. Lorenzo Music was the voice of Garfield in all the cartoon specials. The television cartoon series called, “Garfield and Friends” aired from 1988 through 1994, a total of seven seasons. The Garfield Show cartoon show premiered in France in 2008, then on November 2, 2009 the show came to the Cartoon Network, to coincide with the comic strips thirtieth anniversary.

Garfield Television Shows

The Garfield television cartoon specials aired on primetime television from 1982 to 1991. Each of the cartoon specials were an hour long, and Lorenzo Music was the voice of Garfield in each of the specials.


• Garfield – Lorenzo Music (voiced)

• Jon Arbuckle – Wally Wingert

• Odie – Gregg Berger

• Dr. Liz Wilson – Julie K. Payne

• Nermal – Jason Marsden

Garfield is an orange, fuzzy, fat tabby cat. Garfield was born in the kitchen of Mama Leoni’s Italian Restaurant. He loved the pasta, pizza, and lasagna. Garfield had an obsession for pasta, because of being born in the Italian kitchen. Garfield loves to torment Odie, and can be obnoxious, rude, sadistic, and loves to make inappropriate comments about Jon, and his ability not to get a date. Jon is Garfield’s owner. Jon is sort of a geek who has a massive crush on Garfield’s veterinarian, Liz. Garfield loves to play gags and tricks on Jon. Odie is Jon’s long eared beagle. Jon adopted Odie, and Odie is a happy, affectionate dog, despite the physical abuse that Garfield gives to him.

Garfield’s merchandise is a huge hit. There is Garfield games, stuffed toys, dolls, and Garfield T-shirts. There is nothing better than wearing a Garfield tee shirt that has Garfield laying down on the front of the Garfield tee shirt and ‘Slacker’ underneath Garfield. Maybe, you were a fan of Odie, the dog. The Odie T-shirt has Odie with his slobbering tongue hanging out. Both Garfield T-Shirts are an excellent addition and must have for any Garfield fans.


Garfield: The Movie was released on June 11, 2004. The movie was rated PG, because of the mild language. The sequel was released in 2006, and called, Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties. The Garfield A Tale of Two Kitties was created into a video game for PlayStation 2, along with Garfield Lasagna World Tour. Garfield has hit smart phones in a game called “Garfield’s Diner”.

Garfield has been around for decades, and fans of all ages love Garfield. If you or a family member is a fan of Garfield, then there is not a better gift than a Garfield T-Shirt.