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Elf T-Shirts and Sweatshirts for men and Women

Have you watched Elf so many times you know each line by heart? Are you the best member of your family at Elf trivia? Now is the time to add to your collection of Elf t-shirts! has Elf Tee Shirts and a large selection of vintage styled movie t-shirts. With great prices this is the time to stock up on more great Movie tee shirts from Old School Tees. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions about ordering our t-shirts.

The Elf movie was released in 2003. This Christmas movie is a fantasy comedy. The Elf is played by Will Ferrell. Buddy the Elf was in an orphanage who snuck into Santa’s sack, then ended up at the North Pole. Buddy was raised by Santa and the elves. Watching Buddy being grown at the North Pole is so funny. Buddy lays down in his bed, and his legs hang off from the knees down. When Buddy enters a room he has to duck, because the rooms are made for elves. Buddy is told that his biological father lives in New York City, and is on Santa’s naughty list. Santa allows Buddy to head to New York City to help his father, but Buddy’s father doesn’t even know Buddy exists.

When Buddy hits New York City he enters a world so new to him. He has never experienced elevators, subways, or rude people, and it is hard for Buddy to adapt. Watching Buddy interact with the citizens of New York City is funny, because that is how visitors feel when they visit the city. Buddy has to get a job, connect with his father, and help his father get off the naughty list. Buddy falls in love with Zooey, the department store worker. When you think of Buddy falling in love, then you can’t help but remember the scene where Zooey was taking a shower and singing, then while she was singing Buddy joins in to sing with her. Buddy thinks it is innocent that he is in the bathroom with her singing while she is showering. Buddy comes from an innocent world.

Buddy is a loving, funny guy who just wants to help his father get off the naughty list along with helping others. Will Ferrell did an excellent job playing Buddy. Elf is a Christmas movie, but can be enjoyed anytime. Buddy’s father does eventually realize that his family is more important than his job and money. This valuable lesson is something that we all can relate to. Will Ferrell was asked to do a sequel, Elf 2 for twenty nine million, but he declined. Elf was the first movie that Will Ferrell starred in after Saturday Night Live.

The Elf T-shirts are a must have for Elf fans, and are excellent for the Christmas season. The Elf tee shirts proudly say ‘Raised by Elves’. The green and red Elf tee shirts look like Santa costumes. They have the big black belt on the front of the shirt too, but who can’t forget the famous Buddy saying in the movie Elf? The saying is, “Santa! Oh My God! Santa’s Coming, I Know Him! I Know Him!” This Elf T-Shirt is a must have for Elf fans or for just wearing to holiday parties, holiday shopping or just cozying up watching the movie with family and friends.

Elf is a heartfelt, warm Christmas movie that can be enjoyed by every member of the family. Get your family their very own Elf tee shirt, so you all can enjoy the movie in full Elf gear!