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Flash Gordon T-Shirts

Flash Gordon is a superhero that was created by Alex Raymond. Flash Gordon was first introduced on January 7, 1934. Flash Gordon was a Yale University graduate, and was also great at playing polo. The Flash Gordon comics first started with Flash Gordon and Dale Arden being kidnaped by Dr. Zarkov to travel to the Mongo planet. While on the planet Mongo, the trio have many adventures.

Flash Gordon had a live action television series from 1954 through 1955. The Flash Gordon television show ran for thirty nine episodes, and Irene Champlin played Flash Gordon. The television show was filmed in West Berlin, Germany for the first twenty six shows, then the remaining sixteen shows were filmed in France. Dr. Zarkov was played by Joseph Nash. There were several Flash Gordon animated series created. The first Flash Gordon series aired in 1979, and only ran for one year on NBC. An animation movie was created in 1982, and was called Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All. The Defenders of Earth cartoon series debuted in 1986. There were sixty five episodes that included Flash Gordon, The Phantom, King Features, and Mandrake the Magician. The Flash Gordon live action television series debuted in 2007. There was twenty two episodes created.

In early 1935, The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon aired on the radio. Each week the radio series would air. Flash Gordon was played by Gale Gordon, and the radio series ended in late 1935 with only twenty six episodes airing.

Flash Gordon had a novel created. The novel was called, “Flash Gordon in the Caverns of Mongo”. The novel was strictly based upon the comic strip, and was written by Alex Raymond. The novel was published in 1936, and there was never another novel created.

The Flash Gordon Rocket T-Shirt is the perfect tee shirt for the Flash Gordon fan. The Flash Gordon Rocket t-shirt features Flash Gordon and the rocket that took Flash Gordon to the planet Mongo. Flash Gordon is holding his weapon, and ready to defend against all villains.

Flash Gordon is a superhero. The Flash Gordon Logo T-Shirt has the logo displayed on the front of the tee shirt, and the logo is from the movie that debuted in 1980. The Flash Gordon Logo t-shirt is the perfect tee shirt for any Flash Gordon fan.

There are so many superheroes from the comic books. The DC Comics All I Know I Learned from Comics T-Shirt lets you display all your favorite superheroes all on one tee shirt. The superheroes t-shirt has Batman, Batgirl, Robin, Flash Gordon, Cat Woman, and many more. There are twenty superheroes and villains all on the tee shirt, so if you have a favorite villain from the comics, then you can show your support for your villain too. Flash Gordon is one of the early superheroes that we all have come to love, and nothing would be better than having one or two of the Flash Gordon T-Shirts to wear to show your support?