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Kiss T-Shirts for all members of the Kiss Army has Kiss Shirts | Classic Rock Music Tee Shirts with great prices make this a great time to stock up on vintage inspired tee shirt designs from Old School Tees.

KISS was formed in 1973 in New York City. At first glance, KISS looked scary, demonic, and wild. The band is known for their makeup and costumes that they wore. For years, KISS fans always wanted to know what the band members looked like without their makeup. Fans of KISS loved their elaborate fire breathing, smoking guitars, pyrotechnics, and blood spitting acts. The original KISS band consisted of Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, and Paul Stanley. The band took on comic book style characters. Gene Simmons was The ‘Demon’, Paul Stanley was ‘Starchild’, Ace Freheley was ‘Space Ace’, and Peter Criss was ‘Catman’.


The KISS name was created by Paul Stanley. Paul Stanley, Peter Criss, and Gene Simmons was driving around New York City when Peter mentioned that calling the band Lips would be cool, then Paul said, “What about Kiss?”. Paul Stanley turned the SS in KISS to look like lightning bolts. The SS letters looked so similar to the Nazi SS symbol that it was illegal to display the name like that in Germany, so the bands album and merchandise that was to be sold in Germany were modified so that the SS looked more like ZZ, but backwards.


KISS’s first album called Kiss was released on February 18, 1974, but only sold 75,000 copies. KISS wasn’t selling albums, but immediately gained a fan base due to their amazing acts on stage. Gene Simmons was known for spitting blood and breathing fire were just a few of the many things that attracted fans and their upcoming fan base.


If you weren’t a fan of KISS by 1975, then you immediately became one when the song, “Rock and Roll All Nite” was released. This song was on the Alive album. As a teen, who can’t remember falling in love with the ballad, “Beth”? Nobody would have ever thought that song came from this heavy metal rock band called KISS. This song hooked fans from all genres. Alive II was released in 1977, and was a huge hit. Fans were flocking to KISS concerts. The KISS T-shirt that was and is a major hit for all diehard KISS fans is the KISS tee shirt that features the Alive II Tour 1977 Madison Square Garden. This is the same KISS T-Shirt that was featured at the Madison Square Garden concert. The iconic KISS logo is on the t-shirt. The tie dye effect makes the KISS t-shirt stand out and be noticed.


In 1983, fans got exactly what they had waited for, the band was coming out without their makeup and costumes. KISS appeared on MTV in 1983 unmasked and still ready to rock! The fans loved it! Vinnie Vincent joined the band, and replaced Ace Frehley in 1985.


Forty years later and KISS is still out there rocking for their fans. The band started a forty two city tour on August 12, 2014. KISS has sold over 40 million albums during their career, and continue to add new fans daily. Fans of all ages can go to KISS concerts in style while wearing one of the KISS T-shirts. The KISS American Lips tee shirt or the 1977 Road Crew KISS t-shirts are excellent anytime.

Kiss T-Shirts has Kiss Shirts | Classic Rock Music Tee Shirts with great prices make this a great time to stock up on vintage inspired tee shirt designs from Old School Tees.