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How To Redeem Rewards

Rockin' Rewards Tokens are easy to redeem! Everything is done through the "Rewards" panel, which can be accessed using the "Rewards" button in the bottom right of every page on desktop computers or by clicking the "Rockin' Rewards" link in the footer near the bottom of every page on mobile phones.


If you've ever made a purchase with us, you are automatically signed up! Just log in using your email and password that you used to create an account when you made your purchase. If you need to reset your password, click here.

If you've never made a purchase, click here to sign up. Signing up is free and you'll get 100 tokens as a gift from us just for signing up! 


1- SIGN UP: You get 100 tokens just for signing up! If you were a customer of ours before we launched the program, just contact us to let us know and we can adjust your points balance to add the 100 tokens for you :)

2- SHOP: Earn 5 tokens for every dollar you spend. That's $1 worth of tokens you'll earn to redeem for every $20 you spend. 

3- BIRTHDAYS: Let us know your birthday and we'll send you 100 tokens on that day for free every year! First, make sure you are logged in. Then, click the "Rewards" button in the bottom right of the screen if you are on a desktop computer or the "Rockin' Rewards" link near the bottom of any page if you are on a mobile phone. Then click 'Ways To Earn", as pictured below:



Then click the "Edit Date" button, as pictured below:



4) REFER A FRIEND: Send a friend your unique referral URL for a $5 off coupon. When they make a purchase, they get $5 and you get $5 off your next purchase as well! On the rewards screen, just scroll down a little bit to the "Refer your friends" section and you'll see a link that you can copy to send to anyone you know:




Redeeming is SO easy! Anytime you have at least 100 points to spend, you can redeem them for $1 off per 100 points. Keep in mind you earn 5 points per $1 spent (that's 5% you'll earn!), get 100 points just for signing up, and can get 100 points every year on your birthday (if you let us know what your birthday is). 

1- First, make sure you are logged in. Then, click the "Rewards" button in the bottom right of the screen if you are on a desktop computer or the "Rockin' Rewards" link near the bottom of any page if you are on a mobile phone.

2- Click the "Ways to redeem" button, as pictured below:



3- Click the "Redeem" button next to any rewards that you have earned that you want to redeem, as pictured below:



4- Select how many of that reward you'd like to redeem by using the slider bar, if you have multiple available, and then click the "Redeem" button:


5- Copy the coupon code or click "Apply Code". 



6-  The "Apply Code" will automatically apply this coupon to your order during checkout. Or if you copy the code, you'll need to paste it into the Coupon/Gift Certificate field during checkout. 




Do you have another coupon to use at the same time as your rewards?

Our software unfortunately doesn't allow for "coupon stacking", but we have no rules against your using rewards tokens and another coupon at the same time if you have one! Trust us... we wish our software would let you do this automatically. But we are here to help! Just contact us, use our live chat, or call 866-514-8167, and give us the information below so that we can help you. Please note we are only open on weekdays. If you want to purchase on a weekend, please do so and contact us so we can issue you a refund for the remainder of the discount you would have received. Send us:

  1. Your Unique Rewards coupon code (Given to you in the Rockin' Rewards panel referenced above).
  2. The coupon code you'd like to use at the same time as your rewards.
  3. The total dollar amount of the products you are buying in this order (not including shipping costs). Or just tell us which items you are buying and we can calculate it for you. We'll update your coupon code to reflect the amount of discount you'd get by using both your rewards and your coupon code.



That's it! You've just saved money using your Rockin' Rewards Tokens. Congrats!