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The Underdog Cartoon T-Shirts for Men

There’s no need to fear! Underdog is here!

The Underdog cartoon was a hit television show in the mid-1960s delighting children everywhere. Every week Underdog managed to save the day on “The Underdog Show,” even when he had to overcome his biggest obstacle, which was himself. But, save the day he did whether he was battling Simon Bar Sinister or having to save brave reporter, Polly Purebred, from some horrible fate that she innocently walked right into, once again.

Comedic actor Wally Cox was the voice of Underdog and kids came to adore him. Any movie or television appearance was going to be a hit with Underdog fans as soon as they heard that voice. “The Underdog Show” ran with its accompanying popular cartoons from 1964 to 1967. Many may have watched it in syndication, which went on for several more years. “The Underdog Show” had a total of only 62 half-hour episodes featuring the Underdog cartoon.

Here it is now, (ahem, cough), over fifty years later and Underdog is still loved by his fans as much as ever. Old School Tees is selling licensed Underdog cartoon t-shirts in order to make Underdog’s fans happy once again. Some of you guys are tying a pillow case around your neck for a cape and jumping off the couch right now in excitement, aren’t you?

Underdog T-shirts Available

Currently, we have several designs of the heroic Underdog cartoon available in T-shirts. Now you can show your love for the hero who always saved the day. When you pull on that Underdog T-shirt you will see yourself with a cape and a big, fat letter U on your ring. You are… Underdog! What’s that you hear in the distance? Is that Miss Polly being tied to the railroad tracks? Is she crying and calling for her hero to come save her? Is it your wife calling you to dinner? Have no fear; your Underdog T-shirt is almost there.

The Underdog cartoon images are licensed for use on our 100% cotton T-shirts. These T-shirts have a vintage look to them, however they are brand new. No other fan has put them on nor worn them. They are being saved just for your order. Pillow case cape is not included.

Who Wears Underdog Cartoon Shirts

Fans of the Underdog cartoon are not the only people who wear Underdog T-shirts! Anyone who likes to think of themselves as an underdog, the unlikely superhero, will wear the T-shirt featuring the Underdog cartoon. Underdog symbolizes those who can overcome adversity in life and usually come out on top of the situation, maybe improving the lives of others in the process. Being in love with someone named Miss Polly is completely optional.

Our Underdog cartoon tees are in men’s sizes, but that shouldn’t stop the “Miss Pollys” out there from buying some for themselves. We’ll look the other way as she puts on her “men’s” size that fits her perfectly with a few snips.


With free shipping on any order over $50 and bargain prices on these comfy, high thread count, licensed Underdog cartoon t-shirts, today is the day to stock up and get one in every style.