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Wonder Woman T-Shirts

Wonder Woman is a superhero that first appeared in 1941 in the All Stars Comics. Wonder Woman is a warrior princess, who is also known as Princess Diana of Themyscira, which is her home. Wonder Woman goes by the name Diana Prince for her secret identity. Wonder Woman has many super powers.

William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman. William Moulton Marston is an American psychologist. When Wonder Woman first came to America she encountered a nurse whose name was Diana Prince. The nurse was leaving America to be with her fiancé, so Wonder Woman took on her identity.

There was nearly one thousand comics that featured Wonder Woman in them. Wonder Woman’s superpowers include incredible strength. Wonder Woman could tear off a steel door. Wonder Woman could run fast, and was shown running sixty miles per hour. She can jump from high buildings, and land on her feet. Wonder Woman had psychic abilities, ESP, astral projection, and mental control. Wonder Woman could speak every language, and even caveman. She had super breath that could blow things and villains down with just a blow.

Wonder Woman’s outfit featured a breastplate, tiara, and white stars, red boots, and the American colors. She wore a golden belt around her waist. Later Wonder Woman wore ‘WW’ necklace and accessories to represent Wonder Woman.

A television show was created in 1975. Lynda Carter played Wonder Woman, and the series aired for four years, until 1979. In 2009, Wonder Woman the animated film was released. Wonder Woman appeared in the Lego Movie in 2014, and has appeared in many other films too. In March 2016, the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released, and Wonder Woman will appear in this movie.

You can be Wonder Woman when you wear the I’m Wonder Woman T-Shirt that features the sexy Wonder Woman in action. Wonder Woman is surrounded by stars, and ready to defend. The I’m Wonder Woman T-shirt is the perfect tee shirt for anyone wanting to be Wonder Woman for the day.

The Wonder Woman Comic Book T-shirt is a must have for Wonder Woman and comic book fans. The Wonder Woman Comic Book tee shirt features Wonder Woman circling her lasso over her head to catch the bad guy. You can see the action in this tee shirt. The iconic Wonder Woman logo is featured above the image. This is the perfect tee shirt for any fan of Wonder Woman.

The Wonder Woman Logo T-shirt features the famous Wonder Woman logo on the front of the tee shirt, and Wonder Woman on the back of the tee shirt. This Wonder Woman tee shirt can be worn to let people know you have superpowers just like your idol, Wonder Woman. No matter what Wonder Woman tee shirt you prefer to wear, you can wear it with pride to let everyone know you are a true Wonder Woman fan. Wonder Woman is one of the famous women superheroes that have amazing powers. Wearing a Wonder Woman T-shirt will let you feel like Wonder Woman for a day! has Wonder Woman T-Shirts and more Vintage Superhero T- Shirts with great prices to make this a great time to stock up on vintage inspired tee shirt designs from Old School Tees.