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Jane’s Addiction is an American rock band formed in 1985. Their sound is described as alternative, funk metal, and psychedelic. The have been given credit by Tom Morello as the band that changed rock music. He said “Nirvana often gets credit for being the first ‘alternative’ band to break through, the band that changed music and led rock out of the hair metal wilderness of the ’80’s. That’s just not true. It was Jane’s Addiction.”
Jane’s Addiction kept up with the modern culture. They understood that there were people who enjoyed different genres of music, the kid who loves metal but also loves rap, or the goth kid who also listened to Led Zeppelin. They were created in an era where music was not instantly available like it is today. Because of this Jane’s Addiction were able to show the metal fans who had never listened to rap, a new genre, and not that fan is better and more receptive to new ideas for it.

The band was made up of vocalist Perry Farrell, guitarist Dave Navarro, drummer Stephen Perkins and bassist Chris Chaney. Jane’s Addiction was created by Farrell and original bass guitarist Eric Avery after the end of Farrell's previous band Psi Com. Jane's Addiction was one of the first bands from the early 1990s alternative rock movement to not only achieved mainstream popularity but also lucrative success in the US.
Jane's Addiction's first album was released in 1987. It was a live album that was a self-titled and immediately caught the eye of Warner Bros. Records. The band's first two studio albums, Nothing's Shocking in 1988 and Ritual de lo habitual in 1990, were released and gained worldwide popularity, and an expanding cult fanbase. Jane's Addiction became the faces of what Farrell dubbed the "Alternative Nation" as a result. In 1991 Jane’s Addiction launched the first Lollapalooza on their farewell tour, which has since become a longstanding alternative rock festival.
The band shortly reunited in 1997, with Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers as bass guitarist replacing Avery. In 2001, a second reunion came around, with Martyn LeNoble, and eventually Chris Chaney, as the bass guitarist. Jane’s Addiction released its third studio album in 2003, Strays, before dissipating again the following year.

In 2008, the original line-up of Jane’s Addiction reunited and set out on a world tour. As a result, in early 2010 as the group began working on new material, and soon after Avery left the band. The band released its fourth and final (so far) studio album The Great Escape Artist in 2011. Chaney once again joining the band for the album’s recording and following tour. The Great Escape Artist also featured the TV on the Radio's multi-talented Dave Sitek. In 2016, Jane's Addiction were nominated for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, joining other bands such as R.E.M. and the Beastie Boys that brought the college-rock sensibility to the mainstream. Jane’s Addiction never shied away from the ever changing reality that they gained popularity in. The mutually assured destruction and AIDS crisis were all imminent realities, the generation gaps were creating a hostile culture, and modern racial tensions were at an all-time high. Instead of running away from it, they embraced and even celebrating it. Their music was something to lose yourself in and even could be used as protection when the unknowns of the world come hurtling at you.

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