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Top Ten Vintage T-Shirt Favorites

Top Ten Vintage T-Shirts

Please check out our curated list of the best of the best of vintage t-shirts. These are the t-shirts that we feel best exemplify the vintage inspired design. Our top ten favorite vintage t-shirts were chosen by the staff of Old School Tees from over 1000 designs that we sell on We used four criteria to make our decision: the choice of graphic, the presentation and feel of the graphic, the silhouette, and the t-shirt material.

1. Choice of Graphics. The vintage inspired t-shirts on this list have the iconic graphics that are recognizable to so many of us. They are graphics that take us to the 60’s through to the 90’s. They remind us of a time or place that we recall well with longing, nostalgia or passion. The image reminds us of a concert, an album or a TV Show that was part of a central experience of a time in our lives.

2. Presentation and feel of the graphic. The best t-shirts need to have that true vintage look. They can’t have crisp new graphic images printed with heavy plastisol inks. The images are made to look vintage with fading, cracking, or crinkle graphic techniques. And they are printed with a “light hand” to look well worn. (By the way, it may seem ironic, but most of these tees use digital printing to achieve this look and feel .)

3. The silhouette. Most vintage t-shirt are on crew neck tees, but some of the best vintage designs come on different silhouettes. Raglan and ringer tees can make for a great old school look and we gave them special consideration on our list.

4. The shirt material. Obviously, vintage t-shirts need to feel soft and comfortable like an old friend. They cannot be the crisp, starchy, itchy, heavy cotton tees. Most of the best tees have a higher thread count (30-singles or 40-singles) that give them that soft, smooth and well- worn feel. Of course, there is more than one way to get that soft and comfy feel of a vintage tee. Other shirts in our list are made with ringspun cotton, organic cotton and blends.


In no particular order, please scroll down to find the Old School Tees list of the top ten Vintage t-shirts. You can click on any shirt to get more details.