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Joie de Vivre Long Sleeve T-Shirt by Junk Food*

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Joie de Vivre Long Sleeve T-Shirt by Junk Food

Express your inner french girl with this fabulous soft Junk Food long sleeve shirt. Joie de Vivre translates as Joy of Life but it means more than that...more like all is well with the world and you are happy to be alive. Heather azure fabric, white distressed print, high thread count 50/50 Poly/Rayon mix. Fitted sleeves and shirt-tail hemline, which are joined above the waist on the sides, and drape front and back. Scoop neck, boxy body, so it can be worn off the shoulder, and/or knotted at waist. Sexy, french, soft, blue azure, vintage looking.

For those other days, ones that lack that joy, see our Bad Mood shirt by Junk Food.

Fabric Details

  • Color: overwashed azure
  • 50/50 poly/rayon
  • Print: Slightly Distressed
  • Junk Food Women's Sizing
  • High Thread Count
  • Boxy cut, wide scoop neck, fitted sleeves
  • Shirt tail hem, joined above hip on sides

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