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Atari T-Shirts

Shop for vintage Atari t-shirts from Old School Tees. Find a cool selection of retro styles of the legendary video game company from the 1980's.

Atari was a video gaming system that was introduced in 1972. Atari means “to hit the target”, and is a Japanese verb. If you had the Atari video gaming system at your home, then you had the hottest gaming systems that was available for homes. One of the games that could be played on the Atari system was Pong, which was a tennis game. There was no fancy graphics back then, but this game was awesome. There wasn’t any little people you could see playing on the screen. The Pong would show the little ball going from one edge of the television screen to the other. Players would use the control paddle to hit the ball when it came to you.

Asteroids was released in November 1979 for the Atari system. Asteroids was a space shooting game. The players had to shoot and destroy asteroids and saucers, while not colliding with either or being hit by fire. Asteroids was an excellent game. The asteroids came down the screen slowly in lines, and players started shooting the asteroids.

Centipede was an arcade game in 1982, then released for Atari in 1982. Centipede was great. The centipede started at the top of the screen, then traveled down. The player had to get the centipede at the bottom of the screen without being attacked. It was one of the most popular Atari games.

Pac-Man was the ultimate and best Atari game. Pac-Man started at arcades, then hit the Atari system. Remember trying to munch the dots to clear the maze, and stay clear of the ghosts. Who can’t forget the sound when the ghosts would kill you? Womp, womp, womp. Hours and hours were spent playing Pac-Man just to get to the next level. Ms. Pac-Man came after Pac-Man. It had the same logic and goals, but with the Pac-man being female.

The Atari system had no fancy controllers. The controller was a joystick. Hours and hours were spent playing Atari. If you didn’t have an Atari growing up, then you would go to a friend’s house that had one. The Atari logo features the Atari name underneath a straight line, then a line curved on each side.

Atari players are dedicated fans. If you grew up on Atari, then you have to wear one of the Atari T-Shirts. One of the most popular Atari tee shirts is the Atari 2600 console and joysticks t-shirts. It features the Atari and controllers on top of the Atari logo. The Asteroids Atari T-Shirts is a favorite tee shirt for fans of this game, but the vintage Atari T-Shirt that has the original system on the shirt is a must have for fans.

Show your kids and grandkids the start of all gaming systems. Get your Atari system out, then put on one of your favorite Atari tee shirts and play. Your kids and grandkids will become addicted just like you did when the games came out. Before you know it, your family will ask for their very own Atari tee shirts.