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Jim Beam Whiskey

Jim Beam T-Shirts

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Jim Bean is a bourbon whiskey. Jim Beam was first introduced in 1795 by the Beam family. The bourbon was produced in Clermont, Kentucky, and has been voted as one of the best bourbons worldwide. The Beam family came to Kentucky as immigrants from Germany. The first whiskey was sold in 1795, and was called Old Jake Beam whiskey. David Beam started in the Beam whiskey business at eighteen. James Beam started managing the business, then moved the distillery to Clermont, Kentucky in 1933. The name was changed to James B. Beam Distilling Company in 1935. The bourbon was now named the Jim Beam Bourbon.

The Jim Beam White bourbon, also known as the white label is aged for four years, and is an eighty proof whiskey. The Jim Beam Choice bourbon, also known as the green label is aged for five years and is a charcoal filtered whiskey with an eighty proof alcohol content. The Jim Beam Devil’s Cut bourbon ages for six years. This whiskey has a ninety proof alcohol content.

The secret of Jim Beam is the yeast. The yeast preparation is over seventy five years old, and is a family secret that is guarded. Jim Beam was purchased by Suntory Holdings Ltd in 2014. Suntory Holdings Ltd. Is a Japanese brewing Company. The company agreed not to change the Jim Beam recipe.

Jim Beam has been around for over two hundred years. Jim Beam drinkers love the smooth taste that this bourbon whiskey has to offer. Jim Beam Bourbon Distressed Label T-Shirt is an excellent give for Jim Beam drinkers. The Jim Beam Bourbon tee shirt features the Jim Beam Red logo along with the saying, “The World’s Finest Bourbon-Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey”. The Jim Beam tee shirt also features the signature of James B. Beam and the James B. Beam Distilling Logo underneath the signature. The Jim Beam Bourbon Distressed Label T-shirt shows the dedication of the Beam family with their signature whiskey.

The Jim Beam I Call the Shots T-Shirt features the white label Jim Beam bourbon whiskey bottle along with the saying, “I call the shots”, and a shot of good ole Jim Beam whiskey. This is the perfect tee shirt for the Jim Beam drinker and collector. The Jim Beam I Call the Shots t-shirt is black with white lettering. A true Jim Beam fan, collector, and drinker of this fine bourbon will really appreciate having any of the Jim Beam tee shirts.

Jim Beam whiskey never goes out of style. It is great any time of the year, and for any occasion. Jim Beam white labeled whiskey is the flagship whiskey that is the most popular and drank bourbon of the Jim Bean whiskey line. Jim Beam was a family owned and operated business that had seven generations of Beam distillers. You can own a piece of this two hundred history when you wear one of the licensed Jim Beam tee shirts that we offer. Our Jim Beam t-shirts are perfect for all Jim Beam fans.