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Have a Refreshing Coca-Cola.... T-Shirt!

Dress in style with one of the worlds most famous brands. Old School Tees has a wide selection of vintage Coca-Cola tee shirt designs. Our shirts feature classic logos and taglines from the most popular drink brands. Our tees are on high-quality, soft, vintage t-shirts. offers licensed Coke shirts for men and women so you can be sure your shirt is legit.

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Coca Cola T-Shirts for Women and Men

Coca-Cola , the well-known carbonated soft drink was first sold at a pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1885, John Pemberton was a Colonel in the Civil War. During his time in the war he was wounded and given morphine to relieve his pain. He became addicted to the morphine, and wanted to find a substitute for the morphine. He created a French wine coca, and registered it as a nerve tonic. In 1886, he developed Coca-Cola as a nonalcoholic version of the French wine coca, and it was sold for five cents a glass at soda fountains. During that first year an average of only nine servings were sold each day. Today, 2014 over one billion of coke is sold daily. In 1891, the first bottling of Coca-Cola was released. In 1916, the unique contour bottle was created. The bottle would be different from the competitors, and set the Coke brand apart.

Frank Mason Robinson created the Coca-Cola logo. The red logo is recognized by nearly ninety percent of the world’s population. He was John Pemberton’s bookkeeper. The first marketing for Coca-Cola was executed by providing coupons that urged people to try free samples of Coca-Cola. A couple of Coca-Cola’s remembering sayings are; “I’d like to buy the world a coke”, and “Have a Coke and a smile”.

Coca-Cola relied on beautiful, smart, glamourous young women to promote and sell their beverage. The first advertisement featured Hilda Clark, a young Boston actress in 1895. The nickname, “Coke” was first used in 1941, and was the official trademark for Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is the oldest sponsor of the Olympic games. Coca-Cola started sponsoring the Olympics in 1928.

Coca-Cola collectibles are the most sought out items in the world Coca-Cola use their brand for promotional purposes. Coca-Cola merchandise that are sought out by collectors include calendars, TV trays, coolers, signs, thermometers, posters and all art-deco. Coca-Cola T-Shirts are sought out as well. The traditional Coca-Cola tee shirt with the iconic logo is one of the favorite t-shirts. Fans and collectors also enjoy the Coca-Cola t-shirt that says, “Have a Coke and a smile.”

Coca-Cola has been supplying Coke for over 125 years. Coca-Cola serves over 170 million customers each year. Coca-Cola can be bought in seven countries. Coca-Cola’s main competitor is Pepsi Cola. If you are a Coke drinker, then you know the taste of Coke is distinct and refreshing. A fan, collector or someone who just enjoys Coca-Cola would appreciate wearing the Coca-Cola tee shirts. Each Coca-Cola T-shirt represents the company perfectly. The Let’s Get Some Coke, Coca-Cola tee shirt is in red, with the iconic bottle on the front. Give the gift that keeps on giving with a Coca-Cola t-shirt.