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Guinness T-Shirts

It is more than a beer, it a global icon! I have heard Guinness referred to as the The Black Stuff, Irish Champange, Diesel, Bunkers, and The Black Nectar.

Guinness is a is number one beer in the world. It is a dry Irish beer or stout. Guinness was created by Arthur Guinness, and was first introduced in 1759 in Dublin, Ireland. Guinness is brewed in over sixty countries, and is one of the most sought out and purchased beers around the world. One distinct feature of Guinness beer is the flavor. There is a burnt flavor that is created, because of the barley is un-malted and roasted. This is a very thick beer. The head of the beer is thick due to the beer is mixed with a special nitrogen when the beer is poured. Guinness is also referred to as “Stout”, because the beer is strong in thickness and in color.

Arthur Guinness was selling the Guinness beer at an amazing rate in the beginning. In 1876, Guinness was selling over a million barrels each year, making it one of the top selling beers in England and Ireland.

The Guinness beer is made from barley, roast malt extracts, water, hops, and brewer’s yeast. During the process some of the barley is roasted, which offers the distinct taste and dark color that Guinness is known for. One thing that makes this beer different too is the beer is pasteurized.

The Guinness emblem is the harp. The Irish harp was registered as Guinness’s trademark in 1876, and it is based on the fourteenth century Irish harp. The Guinness toucan first appeared in 1935 as advertisement for the company. The toucan advertisement had the toucan featured with the two Guinness beers, and the saying was, “Guinness is good for you”. “How grand to be a Toucan. Just Think what Toucan do”. The toucan was dropped in 1982.

The Guinness Stout Balanced by a Toucan T-Shirt features that famous toucan flying with a Guinness beer on his beak. The classic toucan is flying across the green Guinness tee shirt with the Guinness name underneath the Toucan. The Guinness Stout Balanced by a Toucan tee shirt is a classic t-shirt that brings back the toucan again, and a must have for all Guinness drinkers and collectors.

The Guinness Ireland Shield T-Shirt features the famous Guinness toucan on a shield with the Irish flag in the background. The shirt says Guinness at the top of the log in bold letters, then underneath the Irish flag and shield the Ireland name is featured below. This is a licensed Guinness tee shirt that any Guinness drinker would love to wear.

The Guinness Extra Stout 1759 T-Shirt is a collector’s tee shirt that features the original Guinness Extra Stout 1759 around a glass of Guinness beer. Brewed in Dublin is located on the top of the tee shirt. The Guinness tee shirt is the perfect t-shirt for Guinness fans.

Guinness is a distinct, delightful tasting beer. Guinness is one of the most popular beers and the oldest beers worldwide. Fans of Guinness need to have one of the Guinness T-Shirts that we offer. You can’t go wrong with any of these Guinness tee shirts.

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