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Coors Beer

Coors Beer T-Shirts

Adolph Coors and Jacob Schueler established a brewery in 1973 in Golden, Colorado. The two men got a recipe from William Silhan, who was an immigrant from Czech. The recipe was for a Pilsner beer that had a distinct taste. Adolph Coors invested two thousand dollars for the brewery, and Jacob Schueler invested eighteen thousand. Three years later Adolph bought out Jacob to be the sole owner of the Coors Brewing Company. Coors was nicknamed, “Banquet Beer”, because miners used to hold banquets for celebration.

Coors beer was introduced in 1930. Coors was distributed to ten western states. In 1940 the Coors beer’s label featured a yellow goat, and the label said, “Coors Bock Beer”. The Coors Bock Beer was a strong German beer. In 1959, Coors began to sell their beer in all aluminum cans. They were the first American brewer to distribute their beer in aluminum cans. That same year Coors started using a sterile filtration to stabilize the beer instead of the customarily pasteurization that all brewery’s used.

Coors Light was released in 1978. The Coors Light had a slogan that didn’t refer to the beer, but the can. The slogan was, “Silver Bullet”. Many believed it described the beer, but it indeed was describing the appearance of the can. The Great American Beer Festival awards Coors with gold for the best American Premium Lager in 1996. Two years later in 1998, Coors celebrated their 125th anniversary in business.

Coors transformed the look of Coors. The Coors Brewery Company added the Rocky Mountains in the background of the iconic Coors name. The Coors Brewing Company was proud that their beer was made in the Rocky Mountains, and wanted to add that to their logo. The Coors Brewery is the largest single brewery in the United States.

Coors Non-Alcoholic beer was introduced in 1997. Coors Non-Alcoholic beer provided the same great taste that Coors beer was known to have. Coors Non-Alcoholic beer has seventy three calories, and absolutely no alcohol content. There are 148 calories in Coors, and 102 calories in Coors Light.

Coors beer is brewed with Rocky Mountain water. The recipe hasn’t changed in over one hundred and forty years. In 2004, the Coors Brewing Company merged with Molson, a Canadian brewer. The name is now Molson Coors Brewing Company.

Coors fans can wear their favorite Coors T-shirt and let everyone know they are a fan and supporter of the Molson Coors Brewing Company. The Coors Light T-Shirt features the iconic Coors logo that features the Rocky Mountains. Underneath the Coors logo on the tee shirt features the “The Silver Bullet” saying, which Coors is famous for.

Coors and Coors Light drinkers and fans can wear their Coors T-shirt proudly. If you are a collector of beer memorabilia, then having the original Coors Light t-shirt would be an excellent addition to your collection. You can proudly wear the Coors Light T-shirt or display it with other tee shirts that you have collected. Famous Brand T-shirts never go out of style, and you can wear the tee shirts anywhere.

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