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Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor

Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor T-Shirts

Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor is made exclusively by the Miller Brewing Company. Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor was originally brewed by Sterling Brewing. The Sterling Brewing Company brewed Mickey’s for ten years from 1962 through 1972. Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor is known for its unusual bottle. The bottle has a bee hive shape, but the mouth of the bottle features a wider mouth than the ordinary beer bottle. The bottle of Mickey’s has a waffle design, which has been referred to looking and feeling like a waffle. Mickey’s is an Irish liquor that features the logo of a castle tower and original shamrocks. The cap of Mickey’s features a hornet icon, and puzzles are under the cap too.

Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor comes in a short, twelve ounce bottle. The liquor has 5.6 percent alcohol, and contains 157 calories for a twelve ounce bottle. Mickey’s Malt Liquor won the World Beer Cup award in 2000 and 2010.

Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor is brewed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is brewed by the Miller Brewing Company. The Mikey’s Fine Malt Liquor T-Shirt is the perfect t-shirt for Mickey’s drinkers. The Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor tee shirt is white and features “Mickey’s” across the middle of the t-shirt in green lettering. The Mickey’s tee shirt also features a bee with the tagline, “Get Stung” underneath the Mickey’s logo.

The Miller Brewing Company produces the Miller High Life beer. The Miller High Life t-shirt is a licensed t-shirt from the Miller Brewing Company. The Miller High Life T-Shirt has the famous red and white Miller High Life logo along with the 1903 year that represents the year the beer was introduced. Underneath the Miller logo is the famous Miller beer saying in red lettering that says, “The Champagne of Beers”. The Miller Brewing Company produces Miller and Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor, and fans should own the licensed tee shirts.

The Miller Light T-Shirt is another favorite Miller Brewing Company t-shirt that features the Miller Lite logo in red and blue. The Miller Lite logo is on a grey tee shirt, and this is another Miller fan favorite t-shirt that is an original licensed Miller Beer T-Shirt.

No matter what beer or liquor you enjoy drinking by the Miller Brewing Company, the Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor T-Shirt, Miller Light T-Shirt, and the Miller High Life T-Shirt are must haves for the Miller Brewing Company drinker. The Miller Brewing Company tee shirts are all licensed tee shirts that feature the original logos of Mickey’s and Miller High Life, and Miller Light. Any beer drinker would love to have a piece of history with these beer t-shirts.

The Miller Brewing Company was founded in 1855 by Frederick Miller. The headquarters is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Miller Brewing Company uses the same recipes for their famous Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor, and Miller beers. Show your love of your favorite Miller beer by wearing one of the Miller tee shirts that we offer with the original logos.