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Smurfs T-Shirts

The Smurfs is a Belgian comic. The Smurfs was created by Peyo in 1958. The television series was based upon a fictional colony of tiny blue creatures who lived in the forest in mushroom-shaped houses. There are over one hundred Smurfs. All of the Smurfs have blue skin, and wear white trousers that have a hole in the back for their tale. Each of the Smurfs wear a white hat. Some of the Smurfs have added accessories to their wardrobe, as “Handy” Smurf wears overalls. The Smurfs can run and walk, but often seen skipping on both of their feet. The Smurfs love to eat sarsaparilla, which the Smurfs call ‘smuffberries’. All of the Smurfs are said to be 100 years in age. The original Smurfs were all male, but later there were female Smurfs added. The Smurfs has a kind, sharing lifestyle where they each contribute to the Smurf society. There is no money exchange.

Smurf Characters

• Papa Smurf – Leader of the Smurfs

• Brainy

• Vanity

• Clumsy

• Handy

• Farmer

• Reporter

• Barber

• Doctor Smurf

• Smurfette

• Gutsy

• Gargamel – Enemy wizard

• Azrael – Gargamel’s cat

• Balthazar – Gargamel’s Godfather

• Jonathan – Smurf’s friend

• Peewit – Smurf’s friend

• Honnibus – Good Wizard

In 1981, The Smurfs premiered on the Saturday morning schedule. The show was produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions. The show ran until 1993, and continued to be shown until 2003 on the Cartoon Network. The Smurfs won Outstanding Children’s Entertainment Series Award in 1989-1983, and several Daytime Emmy awards

. In 1959-1960, there were Smurf figurines produces. Over three million Smurf figures were produced in 1969. Along with Smurf figurines there are Smurf stuffed animals, dolls, games, and Smurf T-shirts. The Smurfs even had two cereals made by Post Cereals in the eighties. Chef Boyardee introduced two Smurf pastas in the eighties. The Smurfs have their own Nintendo and PlayStation video games. The Smurfs are still so popular that in 2010, the Smurfs Apps for the iPad, iPhone, and Android for the Smurf Village game was introduced. Fans can wear their Smurf tee shirts while playing their video games or watching the show. One of the favorite Smurf t-shirts is the Smurfette t-shirt. Smurfette is on the front with her name too. The Grumpy Smurf tee shirt is especially popular, because fans give it to a friend or family member who is always grumpy.

The Smurfs was named as the 97th best animated series by IGN, and was said that the show was addicted for people who grew up in the eighties. The Smurfs not only had their television series, but they also had their own movies. There were several films, including the Christmas film that was released in 2011. The original Smurfs feature film was released on DVD and Blu-ray in 2010, and that film is called, “The Smurfs and the Magic Flute”.

If you are a fan or you have a friend, family member or child that is a new fan, then nothing is a better gift than the Smurf tee shirt.