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Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse T-Shirts

Mighty Mouse made his first appearance in 1942. He was originally named Super Mouse, but was changed to Mighty Mouse after seven films. He is a superhero. Mighty Mouse is similar to Superman. He wears a yellow costume, red cape, and red trunks. Mighty Mouse has super strength, and powers, which enable him to fly. He also has X-ray vision that allows him to command objects to do things, and he can turn back time.

Mighty Mouse aired every Saturday morning in The Mighty Mouse Playhouse from December 1955 through September 1967. In the early 80’s, Filmation started creating cartoons for television that starred Mighty Mouse. In 1990 and 1991, Marvel Comics produced ten comic book series on Mighty Mouse. Mighty Mouse’s catch phrase is, “Here I come to save the day”

Mighty Mouse Controversy

Mighty Mouse was the subject of controversy when one scene in the film, Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures, was interpreted as cocaine being used. The scene was totally innocent. The scene was removed.

Mighty Mouse Fun Facts:

• The first seven films that Mighty Mouse starred in was called Super Mouse.

• Mighty Mouse was in seventy three films.

• Mighty Mouse appeared in South Park’s Imaginationland.

• Mighty Mouse had a video game for iOS and iPad called Mighty Mouse My Hero HD in 2012.

• Mighty Mouse was created by Paul Terry.

• Whenever Mighty Mouse achieved an amazing task the narrator would say, “WHAT A MOUSE”.

• Mighty Mouse had two mouse girlfriends. One of the girlfriends was Pearl Pure heart, and she was in the cartoons. Mitzi was his second girlfriend, and she was in the comics during the fifties and sixties.

Mighty Mouse fans can wear their favorite Mighty Mouse T-shirts while watching reruns of the shows. The Mighty Mouse tee shirt has Mighty Mouse flying and saying his famous catch phrase, “Here I am to save the day”. Many fans enjoy wearing the Mighty Mouse t-shirt with him flying off to save someone.