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Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget T-Shirts

Inspector Gadget was introduced on September 12, 1983 and ran until February 1, 1986. Inspector Gadget is an animated television series that features a cyborg detective named Inspector Gadget. Inspector Gadget is a human being that has bionic gadgets that are built into his body, so he is able to amazing things. Inspector Gadget’s nemesis is the evil Dr. Claw, who is the leader of the “M.A.D.” organization, which is evil. Inspector Gadget is known by his famous saying, “Go-Go-Gadget”. When Inspector Gadget wants to summons his biotic gadgets he says, “Go-Go-Gadget”.

Inspector Gadget Cast


• Inspector Gadget – Don Adams (Voice)

• Penny – Mona Marshall

• Brain – Frank Welker

• Chief Quimby – John Stephenson

• Corporal Capeman – (Townsend Coleman)

There was eighty six episodes of Inspector Gadget. In 1999, Disney created a live action film of Inspector Gadget that starred Matthew Brodreick as John Brown (Inspector Gadget). The Inspector Gadget comic book was published by Viper Comics in 2011, and the comic book was based on the original television series.

Inspector Gadget Merchandise

Inspector Gadget merchandise includes the soundtrack LP that was called, “Inspecteur Gadget – Band Original de la Serie TV”, which was released in France. The soundtrack is very rare, and is sought out by fans. Along with the soundtrack, the other Inspector Gadget merchandise includes figures, games, and Inspector Gadget T-shirts. The Inspector Gadget tee shirts include the catch phrase, “Go-Go-Gadget” with Inspector Gadget and his bionic gadgets on the front. Another sought out Inspector Gadget t-shirt is one with him having a powered jet shoes, but who can forget the Inspector Gadget flying around with his bionic helicopter hat. This is a popular Inspector Gadget tee shirt.

Inspector Gadget Fun Facts:

• In 2012, a mobile Inspector Gadget: M.A.D. Dash game was introduced. The game was such a success that there was over one million downloads for the game in just one week.

• Each episode would end with Gadget giving a public service announcement along with tips.

• Dr. Claw would never be seen with his full body.

• There was over one hundred and fifty sketches done before Andy Heyward and Mike Maliani, the co-creators agreed on the final design of Gadget.

• After the credits run, Inspector Gadget is seen running on his roller-skates, then smashes into his logo accidentally with his mallet.

• While the credits are rolling, Dr. Claw says, “I’ll get you next time Gadget, next time!”, then you will hear his Mad Cat meow.

• Inspector Gadget was the first animated television show whose sound was in stereo.


Fans of Inspector Gadget proudly wear their Inspector Gadget T-shirts. Fans can wear their Inspector Gadget tee shirts while watching reruns of the show that is currently being aired on Nickelodeon Television. Remember his catch phrase while wearing your t-shirt, “Go-Go-Gadget”.