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G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe T-Shirts E.T. T-Shirts

G.I. Joe action figures were first introduced in 1964 by Hasbro. The action figures were to represent the four branches of the United States armed forces, which included the U.S. Army Action Soldier, U.S. Navy Action Sailor, USAF Action Pilot, and the USMC Action Marine. G.I. stands for Government Issued, which is where the G.I. came from in the G.I. Joe name. The action figures were twelve inches in height, and in 1982, a background story was invented around the G.I. Joe team and the Cobra Command squad, which was evil, and wanted to take over the free world through terrorism.

The names of the G.I. Joe figures were, “Rocky”, the marine and soldier, “Skip”, and the sailor, “Ace”, the pilot. In 1970, an African American was introduced to the G.I. Joe series, and came in two different version. One had a beard, and one was clean shaven. In 1974, the hands were formed, so G.I. Joe could grip and hold objects. G.I. Joe was given amazing, eagle eye vision in 1976.

G.I. Joe – The Real American Hero

In 1982, the re-launch of G.I. Joe was released. An animated mini-series was introduced along with an ongoing comic book. The G.I. Joe figures were smaller in size of 3 ¾ inch. Hasbro introduced matching vehicles and play sets to match the smaller sized action figures. The G.I. Joe popularity and demand grew, and posters, board games, and G.I. Joe t-shirts were released. At the end of 1994, the smaller 3 ¾ figures were cancelled, and Hasbro introduced twelve inch G.I. Joe figures to mark the thirty year anniversary of G.I. Joe.

The Real American Hero of G.I. Joe celebrated their twenty fifty anniversary in 2007, and new sculpted four inch figures were released. The chest swiveled on the characters, along with their knees, wrists, and elbows. Collectors of the G.I. Joe and The Real American Hero were flocking to purchase the new figures.

In 2011, the G.I. Joe Renegades cartoon series was released and ran until 2012. A new line of figures was introduced to match the characters in the cartoon series. The Sideshow Collectibles starting releasing their own personal line of G.I. Joe figures under the license from Hasbro in 2009. The line of G.I. Joe figures are still popular today, and are still in demand. The G.I. Joe action figures are based on real life, military and civilians.


G.I. Joe Cartoon

In 1985 the “Good vs Evil” G.I. Joe cartoon series was released. The purpose was for G.I. Joe and team to defend human freedom against the Cobra terrorist organization. The cartoon series was canceled in 1986, and in 2010 the G.I. Renegades was launched on the Cartoon Network. There has been films, movies, cartoons, action figures, and G.I. Joe tee shirts for fans. The G.I. Joe T-Shirts are excellent to show your patriotism for the country, and the G.I. Joe. The G.I. Joe tee shirts have the red, white, and blue to represent the American flag, and the fight for freedom. The G.I Joe Cobra Command T-Shirt is for those wanting to wear the Cobra team’s shirt. Both G.I. Joe t-shirts are excellent for fans of G.I. Joe.