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Futurama Shirts

Futurama T-Shirts


Futurama is an adult animated sitcom that is a science fiction series that was created and developed by Matt Groening. The Futurama first aired on March 28, 1999 on the Fox Network. The series ran until August 2003 where is ceased. From 2003 through 2007, Futurama was aired on the Cartoon Network’s, then to the Comedy Central Network in 2009 to air existing episodes.

Futurama is based upon a New York City pizza delivery boy in the late 20th century. The pizza boy, Phillip J. Fry was frozen for one thousand years, then finds employment as a pizza delivery boy at the Planet Express. The show is based upon the pizza delivery boy and the company’s employees.


The Futurama Cast


• Phillip J. Fry – Billy West

• Turanga Leela – Katey Sagal

• Bender Bending Rodriguez – John DiMaggio

• Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth – Billy West

• Dr. John A. Zoidberg – Billy West

• Amy Wong – Lauren Tom

• Mom – Tress MacNeille

• Hermes Conrad – Phil LaMarr

• Zapp Brannigan – Billy West

• Kif Kroker – Maurice LaMarche

• Nibbler – Frank Welker


Futurama ran for seven years, and produced one hundred and forty episodes. Futurama is set the New New York in the thirty first century. The newest and outrageous technology is being used, including the ability to keep heads alive in jars, the internet with the ability of all senses, and robots are the citizens. There are some animals still common. The spotted owl have replaced rats, and are often a pet for families. Pigeons are still common and exist. Of course there are mutants, who have been granted citizenships. There is a unified government that is headed by the President of Earth. The capital of Earth is Washington, D.C. The Futurama is an adult animated series, and adults love the series.

The Futurama T-shirts is an excellent way to show friends that you are a dedicated fan of the show. Wearing the planet express tee shirt will remind you daily of the events that occur on the show. The Futurama t-shirts with the robots are cool for anyone.

Futurama Facts

On March 28, 1999, nineteen million viewers tuned in to watch the Futurama debut series.

Futurama received six Emmy Awards along with two Writers Guild of America Awards.

The Futurama Comics series started in November 2000, and is based on the Futurama sitcom. In 2000, the Futurama video game was released for PlayStation, and Nintendo.


Action figures for the cast was introduced in 2006 by Toynami, then in 2009, Kidrobot released three inch vinyl figures of the cast. The best Futurama collectibles for fans are the Futurama tee shirts. The Futurama t-shirts include the robot face, a robot drinking, and even a robot telling people what they can do!

If you are a fan of the Futurama sitcom, then it’s a must have to have one of the t-shirts for Futurama. You can sport your tee shirt around for the world to see. You can wear your Bender Futurama ‘Let’s Get Drunk T-Shirt when you are going out on the town.