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Fat Albert

Hey, Hey, Hey, It's Fat Albert T-Shirts!

Did you grow up watching Fat Albert? Do you remember laughing at Mushmouth, Weird Harold, Rudy and the other members of the Junkyard Gang? Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids were on TV from 1972 to 1989. The show was loved by millions of pajama -clad American kids who watched every Saturday morning.

Fat Albert t-shirts are a great way to show the world that you are a fan of this funny and unique cartoon that showcased themes of morality and overcoming odds, with a primarily African-American cast. Or maybe you just loved the Fat Albert’s wise-cracking style! has a great selection of vintage tees from Fat Albert and many other nostalgic cartoons and TV shows. With free shipping on orders over $50 and great prices you can't go wrong. Learn more about us or contact us today with any questions about ordering your Fat Albert shirts.

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids was hosted, created, and produced by the well-known comedian Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby was the voice to the main character Fat Albert, along with several other of the characters. The show premiered in 1972, and there was 110 episodes, and 4 specials. The show continued to run until 1985. All of the stories were based upon Bill Cosby’s life growing up in North Philadelphia’s inner city.


Who can’t remember the tune to the Fat Albert show? The show would open with the song that warned, “This is Bill Cosby comin’ at you with music and fun, and if you’re not careful you may learn something before it’s done. So let’s get ready, Ok? Hey, Hey, Hey, It’s Fat Albert”. The music was written and performed by Herbie Hancock. The Fat Albert was first aired on NBC as a special animation show, then NBC wanted to have Fat Albert on every Saturday morning, but they thought the animation show was just too educational, so Bill Cosby took the series to CBS where it premiered on September 9, 1972.

Fat Albert – The Cosby Kids Cast

• Fat Albert Jackson – Bill Cosby (voiced)

• Mushmouth – Bill Cosby (voiced)

• Dumb Donald – Lou Scheimer (voiced)

• William “Bill” Cosby – Bill Cosby (voiced)

• Russell Cosby – Jan Crawford (voiced)

• Weird Harold – Gerald Edwards (voiced)

• Rudolph “Rudy” Davis – Eric Suter (voiced)

• Bucky – Jan Crawford (voiced)

• The Brown Hornet – Bill Cosby (voiced)

• Cluck the Duck – Bill Cosby (voiced)

• 3 River Blockbusters – Catero Colvert (voiced)

• Miss Berry – Jay Scheimer (voiced)



Fat Albert was educational and humorous. During each episode Fat Albert and the Junkyard Gang would have a problem that young urban teens and kids would face. The problems would range from smoking, first loves, vandalism, racism, child abuse and even death. The Fat Albert show was one of the longest Saturday morning cartoons ever.

The Fat Albert show wasn’t just for African American audiences. It was enjoyed by all races and ages. The Fat Albert and Junkyard Gang can be remembered when you wear your Fat Albert T-shirts. Watching the show with the Junkyard Gang tee shirt would just be awesome. The brown hornet was the hero of the show. He was the Spiderman for Fat Albert and the gang. Do you remember when Fat Albert would appear to come out of the television? Well, you can relive that moment with the Fat Albert tee shirt.

Fat Albert Facts


At the end of each episode, Fat Albert and the Junkyard Gang would play a song with instruments that they made and created.

The show was based upon Bill Cosby’s childhood and life.

There was 110 episodes of Fat Albert.

The Fat Albert tee shirts are an excellent way to show the world that you are a fan of the show. The Fat Albert and the Junkyard Gang t-shirts feature each character in the show. Whether you are a new fan or you grew up watching the show, the Fat Albert t-shirts are an excellent addition for any fan.