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Adventure Time T-Shirts

Adventure Time was originally titled Adventure Time with Finn & Jake. Adventure Time was created by Pendleton Ward exclusively for the Cartoon Network, and is an American animated television series that featured Finn, Jake, and a dog that had magical powers. Finn was Jake’s best friend and adoptive brother. Together, along with their dog lived in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo where they had many adventures.

Adventure Time became an instant hit it was shown on the internet. Cartoon Network picked up the series, and it first aired on April 5, 2010. The animation series was inspired by the role-playing fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons, and each episode would take between eight and nine months to complete. The Adventure Time T-shirts would be an excellent addition for any fan wanting to wear the gear while they watch their favorite show. The show aired 160 episodes, and the sixth season premiered on April 21, 2014. Each week the Adventure Time series gets approximately two to three million viewers each week. Adventure Time has won two Annie Awards, and was nominated twelve times. The series has won five Primetime Emmy Awards along with two Critics’ Choice Television Awards.

Adventure Time Cast

The cast of Adventure Time include:

• Jake – John DiMaggio
• Ice King – Tom Kenny
• Finn – Jeremy Shada
• Princess Bubblegum – Hynden Walch
• Marceline the Vampire Queen – Olivia Olson

Adventure Time Tee Shirts and Other Merchandise

Adventure Time tee shirts are a top seller for fans. The Adventure Time comic book series were started on November 19, 2011. Video games for Adventure Time was released on November 20, 2012 for Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. Action figures for the series were launched in 2011. The action figures were in a range in sizes from two inches up to twenty inches. Along with action figures, a Finn Sword, and Adventure Time graphic t-shirts became available.

Adventure Time Fun Facts

In each and every Adventure Time episode, a small snail can always be found waving to the audience and viewers. Fans have to watch the episode closely, because the small snail is only on the screen for one scene.

The Adventure Time series is one of the first Cartoon Network shows that has been renewed for the past six seasons.

Jake’s personality is based off of Bill Murray’s character Tripper from the movie Meatballs, according to the creator Pendleton Ward.

The Burning Low episode had over three million viewers, which made this episode the highest episode ever, breaking all records.

Adventure Time is currently showing their sixth season on Cartoon Network. Fans can sport their favorite Adventure Time T-shirt while watching the next adventure for Finn and Jake. The Adventure Time Bro Hug tee shirt is a licensed Cartoon Network Adventure Time tee-shirt that features Finn and Jake having a ‘bro hug’, and Jake making himself bigger than life with his wonderful magical abilities. The Adventure Time licensed t-shirts are perfect for kids of all ages, even adults! Get your Adventure Time T-Shirt today, and wear it each week when the show comes on.