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ThunderCats T-Shirts

ThunderCats is an animated series that is based upon humanoid aliens that are cat-like. The ThunderCats was created by Tobin “Ted” Wolf. The show was animated in Japan, then produced and voice acted in the United States. The series was released in 1986. There were 130 episodes created along with a television movie that was called, “ThunderCats-HO!

ThunderCats follows the adventures of humanoid aliens that are cat-like. They are from a planet called Third Earth. The ThunderCats enemies are the Mutants of Pun-Darr. The Mutants of Pun-Darr want to destroy the starships in the ThunderFleet. The ThunderCats have amazing powers.

ThunderCats Cast

• Lion-O – Larry Kenney (voiced)

• Panthro – Earle Hyman (voiced)

• Jaga – Earl Hammond (voiced)

• Tygra – Peter Newman (voiced)

• WilyKat – Peter Newman (voiced)

• Snarf – Bob McFadden (voiced)

• Pumyra – Gerrianne Raphael

• Lynx-O – Doug Preis

• Jagara – Gerrianne Raphael

• Luna – Lynne Lipton

• Cheetara – Lynne Lipton

• Red-Eye – Earle Hyman

• Tug-Mug – Bob McFadden

The ThunderCats action figures were released in 1984. The figures had an action feature. Some of the figures would have laser lights for eyes. The other ThunderCats merchandise included board games, lunch boxes, TV trays, hats, belt buckles, and ThunderCats T-shirts. The ThunderCats tee shirts features the classic cat logo in red and black. The ThunderCats tee shirt is the most sought out item from the ThunderCats merchandise.

In January 2009, ThunderCats was named as the 49th best animated TV show by IGN. In 2011, ThunderCats TV series returned to the Cartoon Network. There was eighty series along with an hour long premiere was added in 2011. Cartoon Network released another series of the ThunderCats in 2012.